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Walden University

Walden University

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Walden University is a fully accredited online university that was originally founded in 1970. The school’s mission is to provide high quality education to students interested in focused careers that are truly relevant to the world we live in today. Walden University’s nursing program offers high quality courses for those interested in becoming a nurse. Students are able to earn their CCNE accredited degree entirely online with no in classroom participation required. As a result, students will gain real world knowledge and skills that they can apply in their chosen career fields. They will learn from professional experts in the field, and will be able to interact virtually with students from all over the nation. All nursing students at Walden University will receive individual treatment, and have the opportunity to receive personalized support from their professors and other faculty members. The school offers two basic specializations by track: the B.S.N. Track and the R.N. Track. The B.S.N. Track is designed for students with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, while the R.N. Track is better suited for registered nurses who carry a hospital diploma. Students are encouraged to contact a counselor at Walden University to be sure they know which program will best suit their goals. Education counselors are available by calling a toll free number provided by the school, and everyone is encouraged to do so before enrolling. The enrollment advisors of Walden are there to assist you in making the right choices for your nursing education.


There are three basic categories within Walden University’s nursing programs. These are nursing education, leadership and management, and nursing informatics. Those interested in the educational aspect of the nursing program include people who plan to share their knowledge of nursing with others in settings such as school programs, staff development, and assisting patients and their families. This niche in nursing typically takes about two years to complete following Walden’s online program. For the leadership aspects of nursing, students will need to know a wide variety of things about the health care system, the human body, relating to patients, and how to perform and effectively learn from research. At Walden University, students interested in leadership and management in nursing will be required to take several important courses. Some of these courses include things such as human resources management, how to manage and prepare a budget, nursing in today’s complicated health care environment, and perspectives of those who lead in the nursing field, just to name a few. As for the nursing informatics aspect, fieldwork will be required in order to effectively earn a degree. This is the most intense and important part of Walden’s nursing program and students will be required to take about 65 course hour credits in order to complete the program. For busy students who want to achieve their career goals in the nursing field, Walden University’s online program is the perfect solution. Be sure to contact one of their enrollment counselors today for more information on how you can get started.

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Programs offered by Walden University

B.S.N. Track – Education

This specialized track consists of 19 credits of core courses, 16 credits of specialization courses, and 6 credits of capstone courses. All students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 before entering this program which focuses on... More »

B.S.N. Track – Nursing Informatics

Today’s world is filled with technology that is constantly updating and adapting. As a nurse in the health care field, it can be tough to keep up with these changes. The Nursing Informatics program at Walden University... More »

MS in Nursing Program (MSN)

Walden University offers the Master of Science in Nursing degree through it's online nursing school for those busy RN nurses who are seeking a flexible alternative to the traditional college setting. With a MS in Nursing degree,... More »

R.N. Track – Education

This important program consists of 65 semester credit hours. Applicants who have their bachelor’s degree, diploma, or A.D.N. in anything other nursing, but are registered nurses may also be accepted into the M.S. program in nursing. As... More »

R.N. Track – Nursing Informatics

This program is designed for registered nurses who wish to learn how technology can make their jobs easier, and how it affects today’s modern health care patients. The program consists of 65 semester credit hours. It combines... More »