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University of Cincinnati Online

University of Cincinnati Online

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The University of Cincinnati was originally founded in 1819. The school is home to many amazing medical breakthroughs such as being the first to develop the antihistamine, the first electronic organ, and the oral polio vaccine, just to name a few. With an important history in medicine, the University of Cincinnati is an obvious choice for those interested in entering into the nursing field. The school’s College of Nursing has a goal: to transform healthcare through innovative research and educational methods. For freshmen at the university, a year of pre-nursing is required. This ensures that all students have the proper background and a solid foundation before moving upward into the nursing major program their sophomore year. During the pre-nursing year, students will learn science basics such as anatomy and physiology as well as chemistry and psychology. These subjects are essential for the nursing field and provide a good beginning stepping stone. In order to advance into the nursing major year, students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA or a C average. The University of Cincinnati upholds its students, both online and in the classroom, to a certain criteria of standards. Some of these include an ability to demonstrate critical thinking skills, a strong ethical standard in regards to one’s career and in standards of practice, and an obvious commitment to continued learning. Since health care is constantly adapting and changing, it’s essential that those in the nursing field are able to adapt to these changes as well.

M.S. in Nursing – Psychiatric and Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist or Nurse Practitioner

The University of Cincinnati also has graduate programs including the RN to BSN degree program. The school has a one of a kind co-op program for nursing as well. This program is specially tailored for people who have achieved consistently high marks. It is a very competitive program to enter, but well worth it for those who are planning on making nursing their lifelong career. The program allows students and graduates to advance in their careers, experience real-world studies, be mentored by professional nurses who have already completed their degrees, and create new and important contacts and referrals for future use. The goal of this program is to create world class, professional BSN nurses who are above and beyond the traditional call of duty. This program benefits both the student and the general public by producing nurses of exceptional caliber. The University of Cincinnati’s co-op program is competitive to enter, but well worth it. The school’s goal is to be the leader in education for those involved in the nursing field, and to add value to students, the healthcare industry, and the university itself. If you are considering a career in nursing, the University of Cincinnati is an excellent choice. It is everyone’s goal to ensure that all students are successful and provide high quality health care to their patients, no matter where they end up. They offer online classes for busy professional students, and for those who are pressed for time. Speak to a representative today and find out how you can enroll and begin your journey towards a fulfilling career in the world of nursing.

Programs offered by University of Cincinnati Online

Bachelor’s Degree – Nursing

The University of Cincinnati was the very first college in the United States to award a university degree in the field of nursing. Today this program is a very important and internationally recognized part of the nursing... More »

Educational Mobility Bachelor’s in Nursing

This program is designed to assist those who have already completed a diploma or associate’s degree in nursing and have obtained their RN (registered nurse) license. It was created to help students who wish to make the... More »

Master of Science in Nursing

There are many specialized sectors of the health care world that registered nurses can choose to explore. At the University of Cincinnati, the Master of Science in nursing programs allows students to choose very specific areas of... More »

MS in Nursing – Nurse Midwifery

For nurses who are interested in increasing their salary and job opportunities in the ever increasing field of Advanced Practice Nursing, the University of Cincinnati has the nursing degree options to further your career. One option offered... More »

MS in Nursing – Women’s Health Practitioner

Designed for working nurses who are interested in expanding their career options, including increasing their salary and job opportunities in the ever increasing field of Advanced Practice Nursing. With an MS in Nursing degree, and furthermore the... More »