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Norwich University

Norwich University

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Norwich University is the United States’ oldest private military college, founded in 1819. It is also the birthplace of the ROTC. Today, Norwich University prides itself in providing unique educational opportunities not just for soldiers, but for civilian students as well. The school has a wide variety of excellent programs available in many different career paths. The university provides both in classroom learning as well as online curriculum, so today’s busy college student can learn on his or her own schedule. The school’s nursing program provides two different degree programs. The first is a four-year program which will lead students to achieve their Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. This program allows students to be eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, a prestigious and important exam for anyone interested in the field of nursing. Norwich University’s other nursing degree program is an RN to BSN degree program especially designed for those who have already received their associate in nursing and/or basic nursing diploma. All of the courses involved in the nursing program are comprehensive and cover all aspects of the field of nursing, from basic knowledge of terminology to real world applications. The classes are thorough and allow students to learn in an environment conducive to teamwork and integrity. In addition to basic scientific learning, the nursing program at Norwich University encourages its students to learn and use their skills in writing and speaking effectively, and to apply these things in their chosen career paths. A well rounded student often produces much more successful results in their careers.

The university believes that nursing is not just a science, but an art as well. Providing good high quality health care in a nurturing manner is important to peoples’ overall well being. Learning how to be thorough as well as compassionate is an important part of the overall picture when it comes to nursing. In addition to the idea that nursing requires a lifelong learning process, Norwich University prides itself in providing an excellent mentoring program. This program allows both current nursing students and nursing school graduates to have people to confide in, lean on, and learn from throughout the life of their career. Being able to speak, write, and listen effectively are all key points that the program focuses on. Knowing how to deal with the public, health care staff (such as doctors) and communicating effectively to patients are very important elements in the field of nursing. Understanding certain ethics such as accountability, supervision, and advocacy are also very important when it comes to nursing. At Norwich University, the staff believes that this field is more than just a science. There are many human factors that are also equally important and should be addressed. When you enroll in the nursing program at Norwich University, you are gaining both the basic foundation for what it takes to be a good nurse, as well as going above and beyond the basics to learn what it takes to be a great nurse.

Programs offered by Norwich University

BSN In Nursing

The BSN program in nursing at Norwich is a four year program focusing on foundational learning as well as clinical experience. The first year of the program consists of the basic educational courses such as humanities, sciences,... More »

MSN in Nursing

Norwich University’s Master of Science in nursing program allows students to complete their education online on their own schedules. Many students find that they can earn their degree in as little as 18 months. There are many... More »


The RSN to BSN program was created to assist professional nurses in the planning and providing of health care to groups, individuals, and general populations in collaboration with other health care professionals. This program provides an excellent... More »