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RN to MSN Bridge Program. For all the nurses in America, not all decided to get into the field until after completing college. Thus many nurses out there graduated with an Associates or Bachelors degree, but it was in a field unrelated to nursing. The Bridge Program is for all those working in the healthcare field who wish to advance their career in a specialized field without attending another four years of college. The RS to MSN program is an accelerated program that gets students ready for a Master’s by preparing them in a variety of specialty areas. This is not a stand alone program and is not available to everyone. In order to be considered you must have previously received your degree from an accredited source, and have completed some general education class work. Once accepted you will have to complete twenty-four semester hours of bridge work to prepare you, before you begin the specialty work. Now this program is offered at both universities and online, the major benefit of taking this program online is that there is always room for one more. Many traditional schools that offer this program fill up quickly, and if you miss the enrollment date you have to wait an entire semester to try again. By attending the online program most students can plan on finishing the course in under three years. A shorter overall time invested coupled with the fact that you have much greater flexibility while taking online classes, adds up to a pretty smart decision for full time nurses. Apart from having your degree in any field aside from nursing, the only other requirements are that you have one year of work experience, and have kept a GPA of 2.5 or higher. The benefits of getting your MSN will become apparent very quickly as you start your climb up the corporate ladder. There are many positions that are only available to nurses who have more specialized fields of study, many in the management area. Along with the increase in career possibilities, naturally comes a better pay rate and more freedom at work and home, and who doesn’t want more free time, all while working at a job they love.

M.S. in Nursing

M.S. in Nursing

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Bachelors Programs

RN To BSN in Nursing from Grand Canyon University Online

Grand Canyon University’s RN to BSN in Nursing Program was specially designed for registered nurses who have already obtained their associate’s degree or their diploma in the major of nursing. The courses are fully accredited and specially... Additional Information »

Masters Programs

Master of Science in Nursing from South University Online

This program is for those who want to enhance the skills they’ve already learned serving as a registered nurse and move into the realm of those with a master’s degree. Students will also develop important clinical teaching... Additional Information »

Master of Science in Nursing from University of Phoenix Online

University of Phoenix’s Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program is specially designed for registered nurses who would like to enhance their skills. In addition, students will gain new knowledge and be updated on the latest in... Additional Information »