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Online Public Health Degrees.

An online degree program in public health will prepare you for everything from environmental monitoring, to health education for the public, to actually working as a healthcare provider. You will learn how understanding complex local, regional, and national factors influence the public health practice. While the main focus during your schooling may revolve around public health issues, many potential employers see this as a strong foundation for some one who can move up the ladder in the healthcare industry.

M.S. – Management and Policy


M.P.H. / M.B.A.

By pursuing this degree online a student who does not have a flexible schedule, but is interested in a medical position may find the time to complete the course. It also comes at a much cheaper price tag then obtaining a medical doctoral degree. An Online degree program in public health will qualify you to work in many different avenues, and hold many positions. A public health graduate may be found working in clinics, hospitals, and colleges and universities.

Once you have received your degree and have started in your specialized field of employment, many more options will become available to you if you wish to change careers down the road. With an average annual income of 65k a graduate in this rapidly growing field has good potential for earnings growth as well. To earn your online degree you will be required to study biology, chemistry, and human nature of all kinds. Many online degrees will require a Bachelor’s in a related field, or comparable work experience.

Bachelors Programs

Bachelor of Science in Health Administration – Health Management from University of Phoenix Online

This program was designed to combine both basic educational coursework with applied sciences. It is there for students to be prepared for their professional careers in a wide variety of different health care or related settings. It... Additional Information »