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R.N. Track – Nursing Informatics Online Nursing Degree from Walden University

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

This program is designed for registered nurses who wish to learn how technology can make their jobs easier, and how it affects today’s modern health care patients. The program consists of 65 semester credit hours. It combines science, technology, and nurse practitioner basics together to ensure that all graduates are well versed and knowledgeable about how technology and care have an impact on patients. Database concepts and project management are taught so that students will know how today’s modern billing and health systems work, as well as how they can use these newer systems to their advantage in a modern world. Being able to use systems and implement those into daily tasks can be of a great benefit. The estimated completion time for this program is approximately three years or less, dependent upon the student’s individual progress and ability. All of Walden’s admission policies vary by program, so be sure to speak to an enrollment advisor in order to ensure the best possible track for you.