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MSN in Nursing Online Nursing Degree from Norwich University

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

Norwich University’s Master of Science in nursing program allows students to complete their education online on their own schedules. Many students find that they can earn their degree in as little as 18 months. There are many objectives to the school’s program. Some of these include learning how to correlate patient care with business objectives, fully participate in health care delivery to patients, helping to shape health care policy and attitudes within the nursing profession, and developing strong leadership and business acumen in the nursing world. Students are encouraged to learn by interaction and collaboration versus simply writing a thesis (no thesis is required). The goal is to encourage students of Norwich to gain a unique experience and be able to influence change within the health care system. This is achieved by completed six 6-credit seminars, which continue throughout the span of 11 weeks. The online program is diverse, providing many different mediums for learning. Some of these include threaded discussions with professors and other students and workplace oriented assignments. All faculty are experts in their field, ensuring that students receive a high quality education they can use in their daily lives and careers.