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MS in Nursing – Women’s Health Practitioner Online Nursing Degree from University of Cincinnati Online

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

Designed for working nurses who are interested in expanding their career options, including increasing their salary and job opportunities in the ever increasing field of Advanced Practice Nursing. With an MS in Nursing degree, and furthermore the title of Women’s Health Practitioner, the student will be apart of one of the most lucrative nursing positions available today. The University of Cincinnati’s College of Nursing offers one of the leading distance learning programs available to nursing students looking for flexible options in order to further their careers, with a nationally recognized staff that is focused primarily on women’s health nursing. In addition, the University of Cincinnati Women’s Health Practitioner Program has a 100% first time passing rate for students taking the National Certification Corporation (NCC) Nurse Practitioner certification exam. The program is designed to be completed within two years, with clinicals a large part of the second year.