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Become a Certified Nurse Educator.

For those who love to teach others and feel the best way to impart knowledge is with hands on work, the career of a Nurse Educator may be what your looking for. Nurse Educators combine clinical expertise with teaching and will go on to have a very rewarding careers. A Nurse Educator may find themselves working in a variety of classrooms ranging from universities, to high school LPN programs, to hospital-based schools of nursing. Some may even move on to become full time professors or Dean of all college nurse programs at a university. They are responsible for preparing and guiding current and future generations of nurses, and to see that all new nurses get the experience they need to be successful.

M.S. in Nursing/Nurse Educator

M.S. in Nursing

Certified Nurse Educators play a very important role in the strengthening of the nursing workforce, and requires a very patient style and real love of teaching. In order to purse a career as a Certified Nurse Educator you will need to be a certified RN who has received at minimum, their Master’s degree and has training in one or more areas of APN. More and more medical institutes are also requiring a Doctorate in nursing, in order for you to teach at the university level. After your normal college career is over you will be looking at around five more years of very focused schooling in all aspects of nursing.

When all is said and done though your knowledge base will be great, and you will have all the skills needed to pass it on to others in the field. Since you will have a wealth of options for job placement your salary will very depending on where you choose to teach, a Nurse Educator can look forward to a comparable salary of other faculty in the institute. Though most who enter a CNE program teach more for the joy of teaching then monetary compensation, a nice paycheck never hurts.

Bachelors Programs

Educational Mobility Bachelor’s in Nursing from University of Cincinnati Online

This program is designed to assist those who have already completed a diploma or associate’s degree in nursing and have obtained their RN (registered nurse) license. It was created to help students who wish to make the... Additional Information »

Masters Programs

B.S.N. Track – Education from Walden University

This specialized track consists of 19 credits of core courses, 16 credits of specialization courses, and 6 credits of capstone courses. All students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 before entering this program which focuses on... Additional Information »

R.N. Track – Education from Walden University

This important program consists of 65 semester credit hours. Applicants who have their bachelor’s degree, diploma, or A.D.N. in anything other nursing, but are registered nurses may also be accepted into the M.S. program in nursing. As... Additional Information »