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Legal Nurse Consulting (LNC).

Perhaps getting to involved with criminals and crime scenes isn’t for you, but you still have an interest in the law, that’s where a Legal Nurse Consultant comes in. A Legal Nurse Consultant is a registered nurse who uses their expertise as a healthcare professional, and their specialized training to consult attorneys, insurance companies, and private corporations, on medical-related cases. Many times being called as an Expert Witness, this career offers many exciting avenues for you to explore.

Legal Nurse Consulting Cert.

As a legal nurse consultant you are afforded many options for establishing a satisfying and profitable part-time or full-time career. As a LNC you will work with many attorneys that don’t have the intimate knowledge of medical records or understand the terminology of healthcare issues that you will have gained through your experiences and hands-on training. As a Legal Nurse Consultant you serve as a sort of segway to bridge that gap in the attorney’s knowledge. This may be the one field of nursing that does not require a large amount of extra schooling to become proficient at. A graduate degree and certification in a Legal Nurse Consulting program both help to establish yourself, but may not be needed if you already have a good deal of experience from you current job.

Many who move into this career are RN’s looking for a change and start out part-time while keeping their current position.Once you have a few successful cases you may find yourself moving into a full time position with the law firm, or company you have been working with. Many LNC’s are actually self employed, and enjoy a great deal of freedom throughout their career. Working for yourself you can plan on charging around $150 per hour, if you work for a company, the average salary is 75k per year.

Certificate Programs

Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate from Kaplan University Online

Taking your nursing abilities and combining them with the legal knowledge you'll obtain with a Kaplan Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate could open many doors to a more lucrative salary or the opportunity to open your own Legal... Additional Information »