Online Nursing Degree Programs in MBA / Healthcare Administration

MBA / Healthcare Administration.

A MBA in Healthcare is designed for one of two people. For some one who is in a business manager position and is looking to move into the healthcare business, or for anyone who is already working in healthcare but desires more responsibility and knowledge about the essential business disciplines. With this dual focused MBA you get all of the specialized training of an executive MBA program along with specialized training in healthcare management.

M.S.N. in Nursing / M.B.A. in Health Care


MBA/Healthcare Administration

A student of the program will look forward to advancing their knowledge to encompass all types of business related legal and ethical issues, as well as the opportunity to attain top tier positions within the field and work in a wide range of health care organizations. Graduates earn an average of 80k per year as well as having a very solid placement in the nation’s rapidly changing healthcare industry, and will continually have great opportunities for career and salary advancement.

Many placement options are available to a graduate as they are viewed as highly valuable, and you will find yourself well-compensated in the healthcare system. You may look forward to working in most hospitals, military institutions, long-term care facilities, and independent care clinics, including those in both the smaller rural community and the larger metropolitan areas. The average time it takes to complete a full-time MBA is about 2 years, with part time completion being more based around the person taking the courses. The major requirements for this program is a solid GPA at 3.0 or higher through college or grad school, and a strong understanding of the business management or healthcare market.

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MBA Programs

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