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Forensic Nursing Certificate Online Nursing Degree from Kaplan University Online

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

Do you enjoy watching the television show CSI? If so, then a Certificate in Forensic Nursing just might be the right career path for you. Forensic Nurses are often brought into a crime scene to collect evidence, take samples, and work with police and detectives to help determine events and specifics of a crime. Forensic Nurses also usually help victims who are survivors of violent crimes, abuse, or neglect, again helping law enforcement officials determine the cause of any wounds or pain inflicted. Many Forensic Nurses work in either hospitals or for law enforcement agencies, but also have the option of starting their own practice as well. Courses involved in this certificate program include Forensic Physical and Psychological Assessment and Crisis Planning & Management. For those interested in dealing with some of the more serious emergency aspects of the healthcare profession, especially dealing with trauma experiences and assisting the law in solving criminal cases, consider a career in forensics as a way to further and expand your nursing career.