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Forensic Nursing.

Maybe the thought of working in a hospital every day doesn’t appeal to you, or you are looking to help people get out of bad situations before it’s to late. Forging a path that is quite different from a normal career in nursing, a Forensic nurse is one that is involved heavily with crime victims, and the prison system. There are many sub categories in Forensic nursing, all having their ties to the before mentioned topics. All Forensic Nurses treat a variety of patients, including sexual assault victims, victims and those accused of partner violence, child abuse, elder abuse and workplace violence; juvenile delinquents, patients with criminal backgrounds; and mentally disturbed offenders.

Yet a Forensic Nurse may not always be aware that their patients have histories of victimization or criminal activity, that’s why it is very important to screen all patients for signs of past victimization and violent behaviors. In this career you may find yourself working hand in hand with local law enforcement during the investigation of violent, or sexually deviant crimes. At other times, doing your own personal investigation and collecting evidence for hospital admitted patients, to determine if any crime has been committed.

To begin your training you will need to be a certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, this is the entry-level position you need to obtain in order to break into forensic nursing. You will have to be a Registered Nurse (RN) before being able to complete the specialized training needed to meet the standards of the IAFN. All students should be trained in handling and collecting evidences like hairs, fibers and swabs of fluids for DNA testing.

Certificate Programs

Forensic Nursing Certificate from Kaplan University Online

Do you enjoy watching the television show CSI? If so, then a Certificate in Forensic Nursing just might be the right career path for you. Forensic Nurses are often brought into a crime scene to collect evidence,... Additional Information »