Online Nursing Degree Programs in Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS).

For any RN’s who are looking to step their career up and follow a path that is constantly in high demand, as well as offering tremendous growth potential, consider becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist. A CNS is actually another specialized job located within the Advanced Practice Nursing bracket, which consists of some of the most prestigious careers available in the nursing profession. A Clinical Nurse Specialist is one who has a special skill set focused into a specific field of medicine. A few examples of a CNS would be a nurse with training in Cardiac, Neonatal, Mental Health, or Oncology. These are by no means all the options available to CNS students, but just to give you a general idea of the varied fields that CNS graduates may move into. As you can see, becoming a certified CNS is a very advanced position and one that many nurses strive to achieve for.

M.S. in Nursing/Nurse Educator

M.S. in Nursing – Nurse Educator

Becoming a CNS will require a bit more schooling and experience, as you will need to have the proper training for the specified field. This usually includes becoming a certified RN before hand, and going back to receive your Master’s in the desired field of expertise. A Master’s degree in any of the CNS fields consists of about two more years of schooling and around 500 hundred hours of hands on training. The upside to all the extra training is that you can find a job at almost any institute that deals with medicine, one that will obviously compensate you financially for all the hard work and effort in learning the required skills to complete certification and perform the job.

From a private doctor’s office to a major surgical center, a Clinical Nursing Specialist may choose from a broad range of locations to work. Most universities offer at least a few courses in CNS, but may not have the specific field of study you are interested in. When becoming a CNS, you will be encouraged to discover your own specialized job title, as most are very specific nursing positions. Many options for completing the education to obtain CNS status are available, and more and more nurses are completing their degrees online as a way to continue work, gain experience, and continue moving up the nursing profession ladder.

Bachelors Programs

BSN In Nursing from Norwich University

The BSN program in nursing at Norwich is a four year program focusing on foundational learning as well as clinical experience. The first year of the program consists of the basic educational courses such as humanities, sciences,... Additional Information »