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Case Management Nursing.

If you really enjoy a challenge, and working with those who need extra care and attention, then becoming a certified Nurse may be what your looking for. Perhaps one of the more challenging avenues of nursing, a Case Management Nurse is responsible for the long term care of elderly, mentally disabled, and/or patients with non curable diseases. The primary role of a case manager is to coordinate the on going care of their patients and ensure that all patients get proper treatment and in an adequate amount of time. Obtaining a CMN degree may give you the extra knowledge you need to get ahead in the field.

M.S. in Nursing

MSN/MBA/Healthcare Mgmt.

Nursing Mgmt. Cert.

The overview for a career in nursing, after obtaining your case management degree, includes but is not limited to; assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, and interaction. Case managers may work with patients of all ages and diagnoses, but normally specialize in a particular area. Some example areas are  HIV/AIDS, mental rehabilitation, child health, and geriatrics. A major challenge in this field of work is dealing with the patients that have limited or no Insurance coverage, while still wanting to get them the best care possible.

Someone with a Case manager degree might expect to work for a hospital, a community agency, or a third party institute such as a rehabilitation clinic. As with most nursing positions, someone with a case manager’s degree can expect their salary to depend on where they choose to work.