Online Nursing Degree Programs in Advanced Practice Nursing (APN)

Advanced Practice Nursing (APN).

Anyone interested in pursuing a career in the medical field may want to look into becoming a student and getting their APN. A student in Advance Practice Nursing receives all the same training and standards RN would, and then moves on to continue their training into a focused field. Nurses that obtain an APN can encompass a variety of jobs, the skill set required is obviously higher, and usually requires a Master’s degree in Nursing or equivalent experience. Lastly, to obtain your degree you must past the exam to get certification.

MS in Nursing (RN track)

M.S. in Nursing for Nurse Practitioners

M.S. in Nursing/Nurse Educator

MS in Nurse Educator

It is unusual for an APN to begin their career at the LPN and RN levels. After substantial experience and training, those who obtained an APN degree can achieve the title of a nurse. Advanced practice nurses are becoming popular within the healthcare system because they can do a lot of the primary and preventive care that is performed by doctors normally, APNs do it at a fraction of the cost. Because of the obvious vagueness of the possible job duties an Advanced Practice Nurse is able to perform, regulation of duties for these types of nurses vary from state to state. Due to their education and specialized job responsibilities, APN’s may earn for more than regular RN certified nurses. Those interested in achieving a higher level of prestige in the nursing profession will want to pursue a certification in Advanced Practice Nursing.