Why You Should Find Your Nursing Niche

The majority of registered nurses choose to focus on a specialty within the field of medicine. With around 80 nursing specialties to choose from, you can be certified in to work in any area from orthopaedic nursing to neuro-surgical nursing. Specialization typically requires certification by a professional board or association, which usually includes the passing of an examination and completion of a minimum number of hours working in the field. Even though it may sound like a lot of work, there are many reasons you should find your nursing niche.

You should find your nursing niche so you can work in an environment you thrive in. While all nursing environments include patients, doctors, and treatments, some work environments may be better suited for you than others. If you find that you work better with patients in a certain age group, like children, you may enjoy working in pediatrics more than geriatrics. The work conditions themselves can differ too, so if prefer working in fast-paced environments during high pressure situations, then specializing in emergency nursing may work for you.

You should find your nursing niche to increase your employability. Having a specialization within the field of nursing will make you more employable because you can show off your expertise in a specific area. When jobs within a certain area of nursing are limited, a certification in that area can increase your chances of getting hired. It also opens up the number of jobs you could be qualified for, not only can you look for jobs in general areas of nursing, but specialized ones as well. For example, if you earn a certification in dermatology nursing, you can increase your chances of employment since along with being able to find jobs at hospitals and health clinics, you can look at plastic surgeon’s offices and medical spas as well.

You should find your nursing niche to help advance your career. Specializing in a particular area of nursing can make it easier for you to move up in your career by making you more qualified and therefore competitive. When experience alone isn’t enough to get you that promotion, having a certification in a certain area may be just what you need to set you apart from everyone else. If your boss knows that you have worked hard and have been dedicated to studying a certain area of medicine, he will probably be more likely to recognize your efforts when it comes to promotion opportunities.