New Technology Offers Amazing Ways to Use Your DNA

The study of DNA has come a long way since the human genome has been mapped and new businesses and technologies are making it possible to use your DNA in ways that would have seemed like science fiction twenty years ago. Some are practical while others are fun and let you celebrate those tiny double helices that work to make you who you are.

Your DNA determines a lot about how your body works and what illnesses you may be susceptible to as well as the treatments that might work best for you. Recently, pharmaceutical companies have been advocating genetic testing as a means to figure out which patients would benefit the most from certain drugs. Eventually the hope is to create drugs that are personalized to each individual based on their unique genetic makeup. Some drugs are already in the testing stages for this, but as it looks to be both a promising and profitable new field it will likely see much more attention in the coming years.

If you want to have a bit of fun with your DNA why not turn it into art? There are several companies working today that will take your DNA sequence and turn it into something you can hang on the wall, whether small or large. Many think it’s a fun, modern alternative to a portrait and allows them to truly decorate with themselves in mind.

Of course, if you’re looking for a more practical application of your DNA, you can use it to help ensure that your belongings stay safe or at least that they’re returned when the culprit is found. Sound weird? This science is readily available, with kits allowing you to mark your valuables with your own DNA which can be identified by those who know where to look so you’ll always have something linking you with the items.

As technology advances, DNA will likely become more and more a part of our medical treatments and how we identify individuals, whether for criminal issues, personal safety or just for fun. Even today, many of the ways you can use your own DNA sequence are things you wouldn’t have thought possible a few years ago, and can help you truly appreciate the inner beauty of your own DNA.