Living With Allergies Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

If you suffer from allergies, certain times of the year when pollen and other allergens are at their peak can be miserable. Sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy eyes and general tiredness can leave you begging for relief. While taking allergy medications can be a big help for many, there are some things you can do besides taking them to help fight off the effects of allergy season and leave you feeling better and happier in the process.

While no one wants to be cooped up inside when the weather is nice, staying indoors on the highest pollen count days can help your allergy symptoms quite a bit. This can be especially true when it’s very windy outdoors and pollens and dust are blowing around even more in the air. When you are indoors, keeping windows shut can also help reduce your exposure to allergens. You may not be able to enjoy the lovely weather, but you will be able to help curb some of the worst days of your allergies.

Indoors, you can also help your allergies by not using fans and making sure that your air conditioning and heating filters are changed or cleaned regularly. Avoid areas of your home where there could be mold, like basements and garages, if that’s something that you’re allergic to. You’ll also be doing yourself a favor by laundering or dry cleaning the bedding, pillows and drapery in your home regularly.

If you do venture outside, you should try to wear sunglasses if possible. This will help to protect your eyes from the larger part of the allergens blowing in the air and help you avoid the dreaded itchy, red eyes of allergy season. Those who are especially allergic to pollens may even want to consider a face mask to limit exposure. Try to stay away from places where yard or landscaping work is being done and of course, avoid these activities yourself. When you come in from outdoors, take a shower and change clothes so you’ll know there won’t be pollen hanging around on your body.

Allergies are never fun but they don’t have to force you to put your life on hold when they’re at their worst. With a few preventative measures you can help reduce the amount of allergy triggers you are exposed to and make your allergies a little more bearable to live with whether you’re taking an over-the-counter medication or going it on your own.