If You Are Looking for a Challenge Consider Emergency Nursing

Nursing is a demanding field no matter what area of medicine one is in, but if you are the type of person who thrives off of adrenaline and high stress situations, emergency nursing might present a challenge you can rise to. Emergency nurses provide initial care and assess patients in serious conditions, as well as deal with patients in critical phases of trauma that have yet to be diagnosed. When coming upon an emergency situation, they never know what type of condition they will find their patients in, so they have to be able to handle a wide variety of emergency situations. Since they get to a patient before the doctor does, they must not only have the ability to recognize life threatening problems, but also the knowledge to treat them.

Emergency nurses work in fast-paced environments and must be flexible as they will find themselves in ever-changing settings. Since they work in such high-stress situations, it is important that they possess the ability to remain calm and are able to provide consolation to patients during times of uncertainty. Emergency nurses are needed in a variety of medical facilities, such as urgent care centers, emergency departments, poison control centers, and can even work at sporting events and concerts. Like most nurses, emergency nurses work long shifts on rotating days of the week, usually on nights and weekends, adding up to at least 40 hours per week.

If you want a job that is in high demand, you should consider emergency nursing. With emergencies occurring constantly at any time and any place, this is one area of nursing that is not slowing down.
To begin you career, you must first earn an associate’s degree and become a licensed registered nurse.

You must then pass the Certified Emergency Nurse Exam, which assesses how well you are able to apply medical knowledge to urgent patient care. The exam consists of material covering a wide variety of physical assessments, such as cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory, and wounds, which may have to be performed in emergency situations. Upon passing this exam, one will earn status as a certified emergency nurse and can advance their opportunities in the field. Additional certifications can be earned in areas such as pediatric nursing, trauma nursing, injury prevention, and as a nurse practitioner. Another common option is to seek certification to work as transport nurses working in a helicopter or airplanes in life flight situations.