Top 50 Health 2.0 Blogs

Health 2.0 embraces the idea of bringing health care into the community of medical professionals, patients, and those in the health care industry together with technology and the Internet to provide the best possible health care environment. What better way for the various parts of this community to share their thoughts and communicate ideas than through their blogs? From corporate blogs to blogs that are a part of social networks to individual blogs touching on technology or health care policy, these blogs will help bring you into the community, provide information and resources, and may perhaps help you find your voice as well.

2.0 Corporate Blogs

From popular medical websites such as WebMD and Healthline to Health 2.0 sites like Organized Wisdom, these blogs bring you health information on a variety of topics.

  1. WebMD Community Blogs. This trusted source of medical advice offers blogs ranging from ADHD to men’s health to urology. Select one or more topics to learn the latest in that field.
  2. Mayo Clinic Blogs and Podcasts. Stay on top of subjects such as pregnancy, stopping smoking, nutrition and more with the blogs and podcasts available at this site.
  3. Healthline Health Matters . Read the blogs available through Healthline here. Topics include cancer treatment, reproduction, teen health, nutrition, and much more.
  4. MedlinePlus Health News. Click through the daily news updates on this government-sponsored site or sign up for the RSS feeds to have the news delivered straight to you.
  5. ENURGI. This company works to connect families, patients, and health care givers. The blog provides updates about the company as well as helpful advice on topics such as checking references for caregivers and exercise and health.
  6. The Revolution Manifesto. RevolutionHealth offers a community resource to find information about health and wellness, illness, and connecting with others. Their blog highlights important health care issues and how those issues affect changes within the company.
  7. HealthNex. From IBM employees concerned with health care innovations that help the global community, this blog brings topics such as e-records, health policy, and technology to Health 2.0 readers.
  8. The Health Wisdom Blog. From Organized Wisdom, the site that gives you information on your health with WisdomCards, be sure to follow this blog for updates on the latest 2.0 tools.
  9. NeoTool Healthcare IT Blog. From NeoTool, a hospital systems integration software, this blog offers the latest IT trends with a focus on hospitals in particular as well as information about the NeoTool software as well.
  10. SharpBrains Blog. This blog keeps you updated on the latest brain health news and research. Don’t miss their Medicine 2.0 blog carnival where they offer the best of the blogs offering 2.0 information.

Social Networking Blogs

Medical social networking sites offer lots of information on their blogs, usually with the angle of reader-based research. Check out these blogs written by highly informed patients and medical professionals alike.

  1. The Value of Openness. From PatientsLikeMe, this blog brings the best of patient-led research to you. Recent posts have touched on young-onset Parkinson’s, MS, and genetics discrimination.
  2. Doctor Blogs at Daily Strength. From Daily Strength, these physicians share their knowledge on topics ranging from why men don’t seek health care treatment to high school sports to the five stages of grief.
  3. PeoplesMD Blog. Get the latest on both social networking and health issues–especially as they have to do with one another–on this blog from PeoplesMD.
  4. Trusera Blog. Trusera is a social network of patients who are sharing their health experiences. The blog brings you updates in the world of health care as well as updates on Trusera itself.
  5. change: healthcare. This social networking site allows patients to compare and support each other on health care topics such as illness, prescription drugs, and many other health care topics. The blog keeps you updated on health care news such as how to spot an online medical scam or whether or not you should get married for health care benefits.
  6. HealthCareVox. Not actually a part of any one social networking site, this blog focuses specifically on how social networking plays into the world of health care and technology. Recent topics have included the success of specific online communities and a global study on social technology.
  7. PsychCentral Blogs. PsychCentral, an online psychology community, offers this blog to keep you updated on the latest in the field of psychology such as face recognition and the relationship to social culture and non-drug approaches to treating ADHD.
  8. The SoberCircle Guy’s Blog. The official blog of SoberCircle, you can find posts about both social networking and the 2.0 technology used to create a supportive and healthy environment.
  9. New Media Medicine Blogs. Read the blogs from physicians, med students, and pre-med students from this social networking sites for doctors. Sponsored by a university in New Zealand, these blogs definitely have a distinctive feel separate from similar U.S. blogs.

General Health Care and 2.0

From the latest in health 2.0 tools to a listing of current medical blogs, these 2.0 blogs will keep you current and in the know.

  1. Health 2.0 Blog. A blog written by leaders in the health 2.0 movement, these posts will keep you abreast of all the latest trends and technologies occurring in the health care world.
  2. The Health Care Blog. A sister site to health 2.0 Blog, this blog expands coverage in its posts to include not only the 2.0 aspect, but also the latest news and inside happenings in the health care industry.
  3. The Doctor Weighs In. Five physicians post on this health care blog that frequently features plenty of health 2.0 topics such as the future of health 2.0 tools.
  4. Diabetes Mine. This comprehensive site detailing all aspects of managing diabetes offers a blog with a strong focus on the 2.0 aspects of online technology and community connection.
  5. Medical 2.0. Written by a pediatrician and health 2.0 guru, this blog offers great tips and resources for enhancing your health and medical 2.0 library.
  6. Frankie Speaking Frankly. This blogger from the U.K. brings you interesting posts about the world of health and medical 2.0. As the creator of MedWorm with a strong interest in medical research, her experience in the field is sure to provide great insight to the current and future trends of health 2.0.
  7. Web 2.0 and Medicine. Find reviews and updates on the latest web 2.0 tools that affect the field of medicine on this blog written by a physician with a strong interest in the progress of health 2.0.
  8. Medgadget. This hugely popular blog provides the latest in medical technology both on and off the Internet.
  9. Clinical Cases and Images–Blog. This blog brings the world of medicine together through their informative and interesting blog. Get the latest news, interesting blogs, and newest technologies here.
  10. ScienceRoll. This medical student with a strong interest in web 2.0 technology writes about the intersection of these two fields in his blog.
  11. Informaticopia. Blogging about the world of eHealth around the world, this blogger is based in the U.K., but also touches on health 2.0 in Canada and the U.S. as well.
  12. Medlogs. For a listing of medical blogs, this news aggregator brings the latest medical blogs to you in one spot. Read through the most current blog list or browse through the categories of blogs on the left-hand menu.

Health and Technology

Health 2.0 is inextricably linked to technology, so read about how technology and health care affect each other in these blogs.

  1. Health Populi. Written by a health economist, this blog looks at how health care and technology intersect. Recent posts include health care debt trends and the economic impact on health insurance, medical treatment, and prescription drug use.
  2. iHealthBeat. Actually more of a journal than a blog, this site offers updates on Monday through Friday on how technology affects the health care industry. A part of the California HealthCare Foundation, some of the news is a bit more geared to California and the west coast.
  3. HIStalk. This Health IT blog serves primarily as a news aggregator for all the HIS inside industry scoops, but it also provides reader-written posts about the industry.
  4. The Healthcare IT Guy. Written by a CEO of a health care IT company, this blog offers plenty of reviews for great health 2.0 sites as well as updates about health care as it pertains to technology.
  5. eHealth. Blogging on the nuances of eHealth, health 2.0, and medicine 2.0, this writer discusses the various aspects of technology and health care systems.
  6. Neil Versel’s Healthcare IT Blog. Read about podcasting, blogging, open source, privacy and more as these aspects of technology pertain to the health care industry.
  7. Future of Health IT. This news aggregator blog lets you know the latest news on IT trends and happenings as they relate to the health care industry.
  8. The Healthcare Information Systems Blog. While currently undergoing a re-focusing of direction, this blog generally examines health care and its association with technology innovation.
  9. Efficient This site offers the latest on technology, best practices, and lifehacks. Stay on top of what technology your physician has available in her field.
  10. Kidney Notes. Not necessarily just focusing on kidneys, this blog offers a good mix of medical technology news, funny journal articles, and other random fun-ness. Medical professionals and laypeople alike will enjoy reading this blog.
  11. Combining medical librarianship and Internet technology, this blog offers great 2.0 tools and tips for those in the health care industry.
  12. Laika’s MedLibLog. Another blog heavy on the medical library end of health 2.0 and written by a Dutch medical information specialist, this blog offers topics such as WikiMindMap, Dutch medical blogs, and more.

Health Care Policy and Law

The current state of health care in America just begs for health 2.0 intervention with communities and technology working to make a change for the better. These blogs let you know how the struggle to improve the system is going.

  1. Kathleen’s Blog: Second Opinion. A part of CodeBlueNow!, the founder writes this blog with inspirational and thought-provoking calls to arms for those working to make a change in health care policies.
  2. Crossover Health. This blog is a great example of the Renaissance nature of health 2.0 as it strives to find a way to make policy changes through inclusion of physicians, patients, and policy makers as they incorporate aspects of technology and finance to improve health care for all.
  3. Health Care For All. This non-profit works to create a better health care system through creating a consumer-centered system, and their blog provides the latest developments in their pursuit of better quality care.
  4. A Scanner Brightly. This blogger is going about making changes in policy by bringing more medical transparency to the field. As a supporter of this movement, you will find topics comparing U.S. healthcare to other countries and examinations of current transparency policies.
  5. Amateur Economists. While not strictly a health blog, the economic topics here frequently touch on health care policy and how economics affects changes. This blog is geared towards those who are not well-versed in economics, but want to understand the implications on current events.
  6. Health Care Law Blog. This lawyer blogs about the intersection of health care, the law, and technology. Topics frequently touch on electronic health care records, social networks as they pertain to health care, privacy, and more.
  7. HealthBlawg. Lawyer David Harlow writes about health care, technology, the law, and health care policy on his blog.