Top 100 Healthy Mom Blogs

With kids to manage, jobs to maintain, cleaning up around the house, and loads of other tasks, many moms forget to take care of themselves. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. These blogs are all about making sure that moms make the time to eat right, work out, spend time with those they love and even learn more about eating natural foods. Check out these 100 we’ve put together to get on the path to be a happier, healthier mom.


These blogs address a range of healthy mom issues.

  1. Healthy Moms: With articles on pregnancy, parenting, health and a variety of issues that are important to moms, this blog is a great place to find valuable information.
  2. Healthy Wealthy Moms: Here moms can find advice on getting in shape physically as well as financially.
  3. Health Begins with Mom: Inspire your children and family to live a healthy lifestyle but living one yourself. This blog can get you started.
  4. Blog Fabulous: Moms can learn about all kinds of health and parenting issues from this site.
  5. Women to Women: The Ask Emily column on Women to Women is a great place to get answers to your health-related questions and more, from another woman.
  6. Mom 4 Life: Blogger Heather shares tips from her and other mothers on parenting and women’s health as well as sharing her experiences with losing a child.
  7. Dr. Mommy Chronicles: Get some advice from this mom, who when she’s not home schooling her kids is also a doctor.
  8. Happy Healthy Hip Parenting: Check out this site to learn how to not only be a healthy mom but to be totally hip while doing it.
  9. MomLogic: This site is home to numerous articles on everything from eating right to having a healthy sex life, helping you stay happier and healthier.
  10. Are you a mom trying to balance work and home life? This blog can offer some advice on how to do it without losing your mind.
  11. Inside Motherhood: From caring for your child’s health to making sure you’re staying illness-free, this blog is full of interesting posts.
  12. Losing It!: From dealing to the daily stresses of raising a child to eating healthy foods, this blog is a great stop for any healthy mom.

Eating Right

Check out these blogs to learn more about how to eat right even when you’re multi-tasking.

  1. Healthy Fit Mom: Join this mother as she works towards being healthy and active, with all kinds of posts about weight loss, nutrition and exercise.
  2. Aggie’s Kitchen: Eating right doesn’t have to be bland, as this mom’s recipes show. You’ll get tips on making everything from healthier desserts to low-fat dinners.
  3. A Life Less Sweet: Want to cut out that high fructose corn syrup? This mom is and you can learn more about it on her blog.
  4. Foodariffic: From the adventurous to the run-of-the-mill, this blog is full of interesting and healthful recipes.
  5. In My Kitchen: Don’t eat all that pre-packaged food. This blogger posts all kinds of recipes that can help your family eat delicious homemade food.
  6. Foodmomiac: Check out the recipes on this site for some help losing weight, detoxing and feeling better.
  7. Gourmet Mom on-the-Go: Think that your busy schedule doesn’t leave time to cook and eat well? This mom shares recipes and ideas that just might change your mind.
  8. Recipes by Mom: Here you’ll find some tasty dishes you can make at home, many of which are full of healthy ingredients.
  9. Mom Cooks: Share in the healthy and easy recipes on this blog and get your nutrition and yourself in shape.
  10. Healthy Mom Living with Picky Eaters: If your kids are staunchly anti-vegetable, you may want to check out this blog. You’ll find an assortment of ideas on how to cook healthy foods for you that won’t seem totally gross to them.
  11. The Healthy Mom: This site provides everything from healthy recipes to ways to cleanse your body.

Managing Stress

Being a mom can be stressful at times. These blogs are all about helping you learn to manage that stress and bring it into perspective.

  1. My Mommy Place: This mom shares her successes and stresses with taking care of her children, husband and cats.
  2. The Weary Parent: The teenage years can be difficult on even the most patient of parents. This site aims to offer advice and support to help parents.
  3. Mom Relief: Need some advice on dealing with difficult moments? This site can help you learn to make managing your family easier, and less stressful for you.
  4. My Mommy Needs a Life: Every mom sometimes feels like she needs to get a life and just get out of the house. This mom can sympathize and shares her personal stories here.
  5. The Guilt Free Mom: Here you can find support as a mom from managing a tantrum to not killing yourself with stress.
  6. Parenting Zen: Gain some inner peace as a mom through this blog.
  7. Stress Free Parent: Parents of teens and young adults can find a helping hand with advice from this blog.
  8. Empowering Parents: Get some straight talk on parenting, especially when you’re dealing with aggressive and combative children, from this blog.
  9. Mommy Rehab: Check out this blog to recharge, energize and spend some time thinking just about yourself.
  10. Working Mother Momblog: If you’re stressed out trying to deal with all the requirements of mothering and working, check out this blog for some life balance and stress relief tips.
  11. Mom 101: This mom often feels like she doesn’t quite know what’s she doing. Share in her trials and triumphs on her blog.
  12. Absolutely Bananas: Feel like you’re bananas? Join this mom who shares her mommying experiences.
  13. 5 Minutes for Mom: Break through that stress by visiting this site and spending 5 minutes on just being a woman.
  14. Hope for Peyton: Think you’re stressed? This mom may put things in perspective for you. She has three children, one of whom has struggled with Leukemia.

Pregnancy and Newborns

Moms-to-be and new moms have special health needs. These blogs address everything from adjusting to having a baby around to learning to breast feed.

  1. My Baby and More: Find out everything you could want to know about your newborn baby from this blog so you can stop worrying and get some rest.
  2. Mama Knows Breast: Moms who want to breast feed or who already are will find loads of information on this site.
  3. The Lactivist: This blogger wholeheartedly supports breastfeeding and provide you with some interesting news tidbits and commentary.
  4. New Mother Central: This site is designed to make the transition to motherhood a little easier for baby and mom.
  5. BabyLune: If you’re freaking out about your new little one, use this blog to ease your mind.
  6. Infertility Rocks!: For women out there who are struggling with infertility, this blog can be a great place to find support and get a few laughs.
  7. The Baby Bump Project: While many women love being pregnant they may not love the way they look. This blog is all about boosting pregnancy body image.
  8. The Pregnancy Zone: Learn all about staying healthy while pregnant from this blog.
  9. a little pregnant: This blogger talks about what it’s like to be a “little pregnant” and the struggles of dealing with infertility.
  10. Pregnancy Blog: Here you’ll find some great information about pregnancy health.
  11. New Moms Need: Stressing out about your bundle of joy? This blog offers some helpful advice on your baby’s and your health.

Losing Weight

Many moms out there are looking to shed a few pounds. These bloggers share that goal and can be a great source of inspiration.

  1. Roni’s Weigh: This mom and blogger details her path to weight loss on this blog.
  2. Blubber Blog: With a long way to go in her weight loss, this mom of two works on eating healthier and getting fit.
  3. Skinny Habits: Follow along with this mom of a two-year-old as she tries to change her eating habits and get skinny.
  4. Stop Eating All The Chocolates: Not just some of the chocolates, all of them. This mom is all about changing her eating habits and cutting back on those chocolates.
  5. Choosing to Live: Wanting to be around to see her children grow up, this mom chooses to start addressing her weight.
  6. Bye Bye Baby … Weight: From getting over a divorce to shedding those extra pounds, this mom has a lot on her hands.
  7. Escape from Obesity: With a starting weight of 278 pounds, this mom cuts out the bad stuff, works out and sheds pounds.
  8. Watch Out World: Find out how you can make a change in your lifestyle and get in shape with a little inspiration from this mom.
  9. The Sassy Pear: This mom and blogger is committed to changing her diet, exercise and general lifestyle to lose weight.
  10. Those Last 10 Pounds: Like many of us, this mom is struggling to take off those last few pounds.

Working Out

Want to start running or lifting weights? Give these blogs a look to find how other moms are getting in shape.

  1. The Happy Runner: Whether you want to start running or already have a routine, this mom’s blog is full of tips and inspiration.
  2. Chubby Chicks Run Too: This mom blogger proves that you don’t have to be a stick to get jogging.
  3. I Want My Body Back: Getting back into shape after baby can be tough. Get a little sympathy in the journey from this blogger.
  4. Baby Bump Fitness: This blog is a great way to find out how to stay in shape while you’re pregnant.
  5. Workout Mommy: Here you’ll find workout tips and suggestions as well as ideas on how to beat stress and get your kids running around instead of sitting in front of the TV.
  6. The Cool Mom Guide to Fitness: Getting fit doesn’t have to be uncool in the eyes of your kids. These moms are using WiiFit to get in shape and stay on track.
  7. Go Mom Go: This mom is into fitness and plans on competing in an Ironman. Learn from her suggestions on being a fit mom.
  8. Run DMT: One way to get fit is by taking up jogging. See just how this mom does it on her blog.
  9. Go Workout Mom: This blog is a “journey in fitness for moms by a mom.”
  10. Weight Loss Program: Wanna lose weight, get buff and feel better? This mom offers her tips.
  11. Raw Yoga Mom: If yoga’s more your speed, check out this blog by a mom and yoga teacher.
  12. Total Fit Mom: Here you can learn how to lose that baby weight, how to workout while playing with your kids and much more.

Going Green and Organic

If you’re looking to cut out the chemicals from your diet, these mom blogs can be a great place to learn more and find out where to start.

  1. NatureMoms Blogs: Here you’ll find suggestions on all-natural parenting from foods to using cloth diapers.
  2. Mindful Momma: Whether you want to get all those PVCs out of your bathroom or just want to enjoy more organic products, this blog is a great place to find advice.
  3. Raw Mom: Learn all about following a raw diet from this blogger and mom.
  4. Healthy Green Moms: Join other moms committed to being green through the posts on this blog.
  5. Green and Clean Mom: This blog is dedicated to helping green moms find the fun in be more environmentally friendly.
  6. Not Quite Crunchy Parent: Follow along with this mom who wants to be more green but like all of us, sometimes has her weaknesses.
  7. Green Mom Happy Mom: With posts on green living and natural parenting, this is a great site to visit for green committed moms.
  8. Green Mom: Find out how you can find inner balance and go green from this blogger mom.
  9. teensygreen: Make a better world for your little one by checking out the posts and suggestions on this site.
  10. Mom Goes Green: Join this mom as she does her best to start living a greener life.

Mental Health

It’s hard to focus on all the other things in your life when you’re not feeling great about yourself or your mental health. Share in these mom’s stories about improving mental health to get some advice and guidance for yourself.

  1. Manic Mother: This mother is facing all the challenges of raising two children while managing depression as well.
  2. Life After Baby: Many moms don’t know how to adapt to the new stresses and changes of life after having a baby, but this blog offers some support.
  3. Postpartum Progress: Moms suffering from postpartum depression can use this blog as a resource to connect with other moms and find out more about their condition.
  4. Fannfare: Everyone has to struggle with their demons and this mom is no exception. You can learn more about her from this blog.
  5. Mommy Needs Motivation: This mom suffers from depression. Find inspiration and support in the stories she tells on her blog.
  6. Mom Stress Relief: Check out this blog for ideas on how to kick the stress that can weight heavily on you.
  7. Anger Management with Children: If you feel that you don’t have patience for your children, try reading this blog, designed to improve your anger management.
  8. Anxiety Help: Suffering from anxiety is never easy, especially if you’re a mom. Gain some useful insights from this site.
  9. Happy Parent!: This blog is a great resource for moms looking for tips on how to stay sane and happy.
  10. Postpartum Support International: Moms suffering from postpartum depression shouldn’t feel alone. This blog can help you connect and understand.


Happy relationships are essential to being happy and healthy. These blogs can help you improve your relationships with your spouse, significant other and family.

  1. The Quest for T: If you’re struggling with raising children as a divorced parents, this blogger can serve as an inspiration for getting along with your ex.
  2. Divorce Diva: Learn how to manage the difficulties of divorce through a little help from this blog.
  3. Kat Wilder: Check out this blog to gain insights from a divorced mom with a teenager as she deals with an ex, tries to move on and raise a child.
  4. Mombian: For moms with a lesbian partner looking for a little guidance on raising the little ones and maintaining a healthy relationship, check out this blog.
  5. The Other Mother: These moms make it work and you can gain some inspiration and advice for your own relationship.
  6. Single Mom Seeking: Moms looking for romance can find tips and fun stories about the process on this blog.
  7. Face to the Sun: This site is home to advice on improving your relationships with family, friends, and the world at large.
  8. Relationship Health: Here you’ll get help on building stronger, healthier relationships.
  9. Would Coulda Shoulda: Remarriage can complicate things. See how this mom deals with having a blended family and more on this blog.
  10. The Healthy Marriage: Find new ways to work on your marriage through this blog.