50 Awesome iPhone Apps for Runners

Runners who own iPhones are in luck. There are tons of great apps to help track, train, and cross-train or find out about nutrition, weight management, or health and safety issues. Check out these 50 apps–some are free and some are available for a small fee–to find high-tech help to support your running passion.

Apps for Running

These apps provide tracking information, help you prepare for specific runs, work as pedometers, and even help you locate marathons.

  1. Fitnio. Track your runs with this app that calculates and stores time, distance, and calories burned for each run and even keeps an emergency button with a friend’s number programmed in case you need help during a run with this free app.
  2. RunKeeper. Record your speed, pace, elevation, and more for each run as well as maps of your runs. You can even share your runs with friends. This app is free with ads or $9.99 without ads.
  3. Trailguru. This app records your distance, speed, and time as well as details such as how many stops you made, how long they were, your elevation, and statistics on your runs.
  4. RunCalc. Novices as well as experienced runners will enjoy using this app that calculates the pace and speed of your runs when you enter the time and distance.
  5. Can Do 26.2. Marathon runners will like this app that finds any marathon in the US, can register you for the race, provides links to the races’ websites, and can tell you if the race is a Boston Qualifier.
  6. Distance Meter Pro. Get distance, speed, a route map, and more with this GPS distance tracker that can be used in conjunction with TrainingPeaks.com.
  7. AerobicView. Track information from your runs with this app with over 40 attributes including distance, speed, calories, heart rate, and notes.
  8. Pedometer. For only $2.99, this app probably works better than most pedometers that cost more money. Don’t worry about the position of your iPhone while recording steps, distance, time, calories, and speed with the adjustable sensitivity.
  9. iMapMyRun. Get real-time tracking of time, distance, pace, and speed with this app that allows you to see maps or your runs and synchronizes with your workouts on MapMyRun.com. If you Twitter your runs, you can do so straight from this app.
  10. Run Chart. Customize routes and times as you track your runs and information about them. This app works great with your music, so you can listen to your playlists while you run.
  11. TriCalc. Enter times, distances, or paces for various races to determine what your time will be for them. If you are working toward a goal of a certain speed, this app is great.

Fitness Apps

Serious runners know that fitness goes beyond running. These apps help with cross-training, staying in top physical fitness, record personal bests, and more.

  1. iFitness. For only $1.99 you can get this app that provides pictures and instructions for over 130 exercises and you can add your own. Choose your exercise by target region and create a great cross-training regime for your running program.
  2. NikeWomen Training Club. Get in shape with this free app that focuses your training on cardio, core, strength, balance, and flexibility.
  3. Gym Buddy. If you track your weight exercises, this app will help you do so easily. Record weight and reps, keep notes, set rest period timers, and email the information to yourself or others.
  4. PaceCalc. Use this app to record information about your runs as well as swimming and biking. It also provides information for preset race distances such as 5K, marathon, and triathlons.
  5. ShapeUp Club. Track weight, nutrition, and fitness with this app. You can track your food, water intake, and exercise, make notes, set goals, and much more.
  6. FitView. The sister app to AerobicView, record similar information about aerobic activity, strength training, vital statistics, and more.
  7. iMapMyRide. If biking is a part of your cross-training, then you will like this app from the makers of iMapMyRun. Record information about your rides, track your rides, and get maps of your rides. This app can be used with the online version–MapMyRide.com.
  8. BodyBook Fitness Journal. Record your workout information at the gym, use the stopwatch, and track your weight and BMI with this easy-to-use app.
  9. Health Cubby Lite * Social Fitness. Set weekly and long-term goals for weight, cardio, and strength training as well as measurements and vices, then connect with up to seven friends to help keep your motivation high while you meet your fitness goals.
  10. Cardio Track. Track you cardio workouts by type of workout (running, biking, swimming, etc.) and track start or end date and time, distance, calories burned, and keep notes.
  11. Personal Best. Record your personal bests with this app that allows you to keep information for several different types of exercises including running, weight training, and other categories you select.

Nutrition Apps

Proper nutrition goes a long way to keeping a runner’s body in shape. These apps help with everything from checking calories in fast foods to monitoring your daily water intake to learning about food additives.

  1. Nutrition Menu. Get nutritional information for over 63,000 food items, many of which are restaurant menu items, to help you track your meals and even make better choices for healthy meals.
  2. Nutrition Complete. Based on the largest USDA database, this app provides nutrition information that you can customize to your age and gender. Make sure you are getting the correct number of calories as well as recommended nutrition each day with this app.
  3. Fast Food Calorie Counter. Get information from 52 of the top fast food restaurants to discover what type of nutrition you are getting when you eat these foods. Information includes calories, fats, carbs, fiber, and protein.
  4. Restaurant Nutrition. Get nutrition information from a handful of popular restaurants, track your meals and nutrition as well as information for others, and even get updated menu information as it is available.
  5. CalorieCheck. Read nutrition labels for over 7000 foods from both restaurant food and natural foods with this app.
  6. GoodFoodNearYou. If your goals include sticking with healthier eating habits, then check out this app that uses your location to find healthy foods from casual diners, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores.
  7. Dietician-iP. Get macro and micro nutrient information for over 1000 food items. This app is great for both professional dieticians as well as novices interested in planning the nutrition possible for their diet.
  8. Eight Glasses a Day. This super simple app works when you touch a virtual glass of water each time you drink a real glass. If you drink at least eight glasses a day, you will receive a fact about why drinking eight glasses a day is good for your health. Glass count begins again at midnight each day.
  9. Smoothie Addict. If you love your smoothies, use this app to find businesses and restaurants in your area that serve smoothies.
  10. Food Additives. Whether you are avoiding harmful chemicals or have a specific diet such as gluten-free or vegetarian, this app will help you know which food additives to avoid with a database of over 450 additives.

Weight Management Apps

Whether your weight management needs include losing, maintaining, or gaining weight, these apps will help you stay on top of your activities and goals. While many of these are specifically designed for losing weight, they can easily be adapted for those maintaining or gaining weight as well.

  1. LoseIt!. Record daily food intake and exercise, set caloric intake goals, and more to help you reach or maintain weight with this free app.
  2. LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker. Look up calorie content for over 525,000 food and restaurant items and track your daily caloric, fat, carbohydrate, and protein intake to help you lose, maintain, or gain weight. This app is free for a limited time.
  3. Weight Loss Buddy. This app is like a personal coach for weight loss. If you need inspiration and motivation to lose weight, check out this app. Note that this app does not actually track weight loss goals.
  4. BMI Calculator. Calculate your BMI in pounds or stones and inches or centimeters, calculate for children, and even create a graph of your saved BMI results with this free app.
  5. True Weight Lite. Input daily information to create a graphic representation of your weight that provides you with a more accurate view of your weight than what you may get due to natural weight fluctuations.
  6. Physiologist iP. Calculate your physical health using waist/hip ratio in addition to the typical BMI criteria to get a clearer view of how well you are doing at weight management.
  7. Track Your Weight. Enter daily weights, BMI, weight goals, and more to create a comprehensive weight-monitoring program with this app.
  8. Edibles – Diet Journal. Record your daily food intake and track calories, carbs, or any other value you define. Track weight, record progress as you reach goals, and create favorites that simplify recording your food.
  9. Calorie Pad. Track how many calories you’ve eaten with this app that has access to over 6000 products from grocery stores, restaurants, and natural foods.
  10. Calorie Abacus. Find out what types of foods you can eat to equal specific caloric goals. This app offers great flexibility with plenty of options to help you stay within your range.
  11. weight+bmi watcher. Enter your information into this app to get analyses and goals to help you achieve the perfect weight. This app is available in English and German.

Health and Safety Apps

While most runners don’t run into serious problems while training or on race day, it’s best to be prepared for any incident. The following apps offer help in case of emergency or provide information to general health and well-being information.

  1. WebMD Mobile. Get first aid, emergency procedures, and other health information on the go with this free app.
  2. Pain Free. Find exercises to help alleviate pain associated with poor posture or compensation from other injuries. Search this free app by location of pain to find out how to become pain free.
  3. ICE. Store contact information for your emergency contacts as well as any medical information about yourself such as current medications, allergies, and medical conditions.
  4. iFirstAid Lite. This free app is a first aid assistant that provides information on how to treat emergencies under the categories of CPR, bleeding, burns, choking, and poisoning.
  5. Natural Cures. Find alternative, natural methods of healing backed by research for many health issues as well as nutrition information on vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.
  6. MyPanic. Hopefully you won’t ever need to use this app, but it’s great to have available anyway in case anything happens while you are in the middle of a race or training. Press the MyPanic button to send your current GPS location via email, Facebook, or Twitter or choose to dial 911.
  7. Hospitals. Find the nearest hospitals wherever you are in the US or UK with the touch of a button with this app.