50 Excellent Women’s Health and Beauty Blogs

With so many unhealthy foods and lifestyles around her, today’s
woman must be more cautious than ever about the choices she makes.
These blogs will help you along the way, from teaching cancer
prevention to guiding the more frivolous female decisions, like which
fashion trends to follow.

Health and Nutrition

These healthy eating and medical awareness blogs provide valuable information and recipes every woman should know.

  1. Skinny Habits: Great recipes and ideas for weight loss and maintenance. References the Weight Watcher`s system.
  2. Living a Whole Life: Two sisters provide practical suggestions for a healthy, disease-free lifestyle.
  3. Heart & Style: From heart health to green living, this blog covers all aspects of wellness to help readers live a healthy life.
  4. Veggie Venture: Whether you’re looking for a vegetarian community or just need a recipe for a delicious side dish, this site has it all.
  5. Running Around Nowhere: A food blogger with a passion for health and nutrition shares her daily routine with her readers.
  6. The Weigh I Am: Another food blogger finds peace with herself but still strives for wellness through healthy eating.
  7. Itzy’s Kitchen: Recipes so good, you can taste them as soon as you read them!
  8. Our Bodies Our Blog: Health and medical news just for women.
  9. Womens’ Health Zone: A great site for all of your health questions, from cancer to pregnancy to everyday life.
  10. Women and Cancer:
    This link will take you to Women and Cancer magazine’s blog section,
    where you can choose to participate in a varitety of online communities.


If beauty is only skin deep, these links will tell you everything you need to know about being drop-dead gorgeous.

  1. A Girl’s Gotta Spa: Relevant and easy-to-understand product reviews for women across the globe.
  2. Product Whores: Non-stop, thorough product reviews from nearly every beauty line in existence.
  3. Girls in the Beauty Department: Glamour magazine gives daily tips on skincare, makeup, hairstyles, and more.
  4. Beauty Woo Me: Blogger Jessica Teas explores the commonplace between beauty and design.
  5. Beauty be Good: If you love cosmetics, follow Randi Troxell’s beauty blog, which provides product reviews and trendspotting.
  6. A Touch of Blusher: “Makeup, skincare, fragrance, and a bit of fashion.”
  7. Chic and Green:
    Love the earth? Check out this blog’s do-it-yourself skincare recipes
    to avoid using products that aren’t eco and animal friendly!
  8. Elke Von Freudenberg: Trendspotting, tips, tricks and tools for head-to-toe beauty.
  9. Makeup Bag: From CVS to Chanel, this blog has cosmetic essentials for every budget.
  10. Makeup Moxie: Cosmetic and fragrance reviews at the blog “where beauty meets brains.”

Sexual Health

Sexual health is one of the most important component of a woman’s
overall wellness, and readers should pay close attention to the
articles and advice they find at these sites:

  1. The Women’s Sexual Health Foundation: Health trends, medical research, and news every woman should read.
  2. Medscape Ob/Gyn & Women’s Health:
    The gynecologists, obstetricians, and nurses who operate this blog
    won’t steer you wrong, so search through their archives to have your
    biggest health questions answered.
  3. Kinsey Confidential:
    This sexual information blog was designed by The Kinsey Institute for
    Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction to deliver sexual health
    information to young adults.
  4. Blogher Sex and Relationships:
    Blogher contains hundreds “blogs by women for women,” and this link
    will take you to the site’s Sex and Relationships section, where you’re
    sure to find just the right blog for you.
  5. WebMD Sexual Health: Looks into sexual health and relationships from a primarily psychological angle.
  6. WebMD Women’s Health:
    Jane Harrison-Hohner, also known as WebMD’s “Pelvis Queen,” covers
    every facet of women’s health, from menstruation to pregnancy, sexually
    transmitted infections to fibroids.
  7. WH Sex and Relationships: The information you’ll find here comes from Women’s Health magazine, one of the most trusted publicatons for women worldwide.
  8. Cosmo Sexual Health FAQs:
    Leave it to Cosmopolitan to have the answer. Submit your deepest,
    darkest, or most embarrassing sexual health questions here, then check
    back to see the response.
  9. Her Health: Alexandra Simotas, M.D., controls this Houston Chronical blog dedicated to women’s health and sexuality.


Whether training for a marathon, shedding extra pounds, or just
trying to stay in shape, readers will find fitness facts and
information to help them accomplish their goals at these female-frienly

  1. Miss Melinda’s Fitness Blog: Melinda takes her readers on her weight-loss journey, showing them how she lost 50 pounds post-pregnancy.
  2. Fitting Back In:
    Meet Kelly, a young blogger who has spent the last year walking off the
    20 pounds she gained after she got married. Follow her blog to watch
    her keep it off through healthy eating, walking, and weight training.
  3. Female Fitness: This blog is updated biweekly and highlights fitness news.
  4. 26.2 Miles vs. Naomi:
    Once a hater of running, Naomi decided to give it a try. Then she
    decided to run a marathon. Then she decided to run another. This is her
  5. Walking Queen: Walk with this blogger toward a healthier, happier, fitter lifestyle.
  6. Running and Thinking:
    If you’re passionate about running, this blogger will be your track
    buddy. If you’re not passionate about running, she’ll be your fitness
    coach. Get inspired.
  7. Skinny Hollie: Follow Hollie from obesity to health as she eats and exercises her way to her best self ever.
  8. Bitch Cakes: A neurotic glamour girl’s Weight Watchers experience and fitness adventure.
  9. FiTCETERA: Readers can track this blogger’s progress as she inches her way toward an 80 pound weight loss.
  10. WH Fitness:
    This priceless blog is brought to you by the experts at Women’s Health
    magazine. Use the tools and tips here to transform your body.


What we wear doesn’t make us who we are, but it does make an
impression about who we are. Fashionistas and Plane Janes alike will
find a trend or two in one of these blogs that they just might fall in
love with.

  1. Delectable Swank: Need a fashion fix? Get it here, where only the hottest trends are posted.
  2. The Cut: New York Magazine’s fashion blog.
  3. The Sartorialist: Fashion from around the world posted, explained, and evaluated on one of the most influential style blogs.
  4. Heidi and Seek Ethical Fashion: Save the world with eco-friendly fashion.
  5. LA Pretty: Trends and fashion from Los Angeles.
  6. A Wonderfelle World: Make a statement with the bold and beautiful fashion this blog showcases.
  7. Breakfast at Saks: Stay classy with this fashionista blogger.
  8. Clutch 22: Fashion, art, and breaking style news from around the country.
  9. Fashionista: Get the latest of fashion designers, shopping, and seasonal trends.
  10. The Stitched: Pictures and news about fashion trends, plus bagfuls of commentary.