50 Excellent Public Health Blogs

To ensure that you’re giving your patients the best quality care,
you need more than a good attitude and a nursing or medical degree. You
also need to be up-to-date on all of the health issues affecting your
patients’ welfare and condition, from medical research to the drugs
they’re being prescribed to their health insurance. Check out these 50
public health blogs to keep up with your health care education.

Alerts and News

Follow these public health blogs so that you’re well informed of all
health alerts and medical news stories that will have an impact on your
patients and your career.

  1. Health Wonk Review: Every two weeks, this blog reviews the top stories from popular health policy blogs.
  2. Effect Measure:
    Read stories about the current public health situation in the U.S. and
    around the world, written by senior public health scientists and
  3. WSJ Health Blog: Check out the day’s top health stories, research studies and health alerts from this blog.
  4. Gooznews:
    Read Gooznews on Health for intelligent recaps of health stories from
    around the world, from malaria outbreaks to cancer research to health
    insurance woes.
  5. Get Ready Blog: Keep up with news about H1N1 and the traditional flu here.
  6. Public Health Matters:
    The CDC’s public health news blog reports from around the world about
    research studies, the flu, vaccinations, epidemics and more.
  7. School Health Alert Blog: This blog is a great resource for anyone interested in following public health alerts, especially for the flu and swine flu.
  8. Covering Health:
    This blog for journalists will educate all readers on public health,
    pharma news, health care reform, public health records and more.
  9. Harvard World Health News:
    The Harvard School of Public Health shares the top stories from around
    the world and the web regarding children’s health care, U.S. health
    reform, mental health, cancer research, and more.
  10. Schwitzer health News Blog:
    Gary Schwitzer shares his opinions on the top health stories of the
    day, from cancer screenings to health education to research.
  11. Flu News Blog: Here you can read about flu news from around the world.
  12. Health Alerts: Yeshiva University’s Health Alerts blog is a good resource for learning about public health alerts, especially the flu.


Study the ways in which the environment impacts or impedes public health from these blogs.

  1. The Pump Handle:
    This blog is “the water cooler for the public health crowd,” also named
    after the London cholera epidemic of 1854, when it was discovered that
    a water pump was spreading the disease.
  2. Environmental Health News:
    This site addresses all of the environmental health issues from around
    the world, from mercury poisoning to environmental lawsuits to
    contaminated water.
  3. Center for Environmental Health Blog:
    Learn how chemicals and everyday products are hurting your health from
    this blog, which also addresses pesticides, lead poisoning and
    environmental justice.

International Issues

These global health policy and health reform blogs cover epidemics from malaria to HIV to poor health care.

  1. Global Health Ideas: Read Global Health Ideas to learn about solutions to major international health issues.
  2. Global Bioethics Blog: Stuart Rennie wants a greater discussion on bioethics and ethical research in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  3. Malaria Matters:
    On Malaria Matters, Bill Brieger, a Health Systems professor at Johns
    Hopkins University, writes about health rights, funding, health
    education, health and the environment, HIV, and plenty more issues in
  4. Global Health Policy:
    The Center for Global Development blogs about health education, health
    and gender, U.S. public health legislation, developing nations, and
  5. Global Health – Change.org:
    Change.org’s global health issues blog reports on health crises in
    developing nations, epidemics and pandemics, environmental health
    issues, and more.
  6. Healthy Travel Blog: International travelers should check this blog for health and medical alerts and resources about traveling responsibly.
  7. The Lancet Global Health Network:
    This global health journal blogs to share the leading stories in
    international medical research, pharma news, health care quality,
    plagues and epidemics, and more.
  8. HIV and AIDS News: This HIV and AIDS news blog has also been accredited by the The Health On the Net Foundation.
  9. Malawi Clinics: Learn about health care policy, HIV and AIDS, and nutrition in Malawi.
  10. War and Health: Read opinion and analysis on public health issues and legislation in war torn and conflict-ridden regions.

Health Care Industry and Reform

These bloggers are passionate about decoding the health care debate
and tracking health care reform in the U.S., from health insurance to
taxes and beyond.

  1. Dr. Buttery’s Public Heath Blog:
    Dr. Buttery tackles health care costs, mortality rates, health care
    taxes, and more as he blogs for Virginia Commonwealth University.
  2. Health Care Renewal: Read about the threats to the U.S. health care system.
  3. Health Beat:
    Author and Century Foundation fellow Maggie Mahar writes in-depth
    articles about health care reform, from immigrant issues to non-profit
    hospitals to Medicare.
  4. The New Health Dialogue: Read and analyze health care legislation, health care reform ideas, and more.
  5. Healthcare Technology News: This blog covers healthcare technology news and research plus health care reform and legislation.
  6. Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review: Bob Laszewski sheds light on what it takes to back a health care bill and more.
  7. The Health Care Blog: The Health Care Blog covers it all: health IT and “user-generated healthcare,” the healthcare marketplace, and more.
  8. The Users’ Guide to the Health Reform Galaxy:
    The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation blogs about health reform, including
    health insurance, quality health care, payment reform, health care
    regulations and beyond.
  9. Health Affairs Blog: This blog comes from The Policy Journal of the Health Sphere.
  10. Prescriptions: The New York Times tries to make “sense of the health care debate” through Prescriptions.
  11. Health Care Industry Buzz: Find out what’s really going on in terms of health care quality, medical research funding, health insurance and more.

Healthy Living

These public health blogs cover topics for everyday Americans, from workers comp to diet to the flu.

  1. Cold Truth:
    Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Andrew Schneider investigates all of
    the dirty health secrets the government doesn’t want us to know.
  2. Managed Care Matters: Joseph Paduda writes about medical news, health reform, workers’ comp, group health options and more.
  3. Consumer Reports Health:
    The Health blog at Consumer Reports tackles health-related lawsuits,
    supplements, diet, mental health, and everything in between.
  4. Women’s Health: Jane Harrison-Hobner, RN, RNP blogs about women’s health issues for WebMD.
  5. Diet Blog: Read Diet Blog for news and analysis about diet research and healthy living.
  6. dLife: Catch up on news and research regarding diabetes and diabetic health from dLife.

Food and Pharma

Read about food and drug safety from these bloggers.

  1. Hooked: Ethics, Medicine and Pharma: This pharma blog also takes a look at the ethics behind the prescription drug industry.
  2. Terra Sigillata: Here you can find news and resources about the pharmaceutical industry, written by an academic researcher.
  3. Fed Up!: ConsumersUnion.org maintains this blog about food safety.
  4. Barf Blog: From food poisoning to food technology to E.coli, this blog may turn your stomach.
  5. Piper Report:
    Read this blog for news and views from a health care strategist and
    expert on Medicare, Medicaid, the pharmaceutical industry and biotech.


Read these public health blogs to learn about new research studies and developments.

  1. Healthcare Economist: Jason Shafrin, a PhD economist, researches the health insurance market and Medicare.
  2. Superbug:
    Researcher and “disease geek” Maryn McKenna shares notes and stories
    about the superbug, or methicillin-resistant Staph aureus (MRSA), as
    she writes her book.
  3. Alliance for Aging Research Blog: Recent entries have tackled obesity, injuries at home, stem cell research and Alzheimer’s.