50 Inspiring Blogs for Your Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

As a mom, you are probably willing to give up a lot for your children. Your time, your sleep, even a few grooming habits. Many moms give up a positive self image as well, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can lose weight and still enjoy your family at the same time. Check out these blogs for inspiration and advice for postpartum weight loss.

  1. Roni’s Weigh: Follow Roni’s journey from fat to skinny to healthy and pregnant again. (Recommended Post: Why do you love your body?)
  2. Fitarella: Jacqueline discusses food, fitness, and family to help you live your fairy tale. (Recommended Post: Crazy Diets: I’ve tried them ALL!)
  3. Baby Fat Diet Blog: These moms and registered dieticians discuss losing weight and looking fabulous. (Recommended Post: Carbs Are Back)
  4. Training With Your Jogging Stroller: This mom has advice for working out with a stroller. (Recommended Post: Stroller Maintenance)
  5. Run DMT: Run DMT is a mom on the run. (Recommended Post: I’m a Mom on the Run Again!)
  6. BlogHer: BlogHer highlights great posts about body image for moms and women. (Recommended Post: Fatty Ponders Feminism)
  7. New Century Moms: New Century Moms has balanced living for working moms. (Recommended Post: Work Life Balance Test)
  8. Total Fit Mom: Total Fit Mom shares tips for pregnancy fitness and post pregnancy weight loss tips. (Recommended Post: 5 Ways to Get a Workout AND Play With Your Kids)
  9. Go Fast Mommy: Go Fast Mommy shares inspiration for moms with health and fitness. (Recommended Post: Miraculous Mixture: Mother’s Milk)
  10. Bookieboo: Find motivation for fitness and family with Bookieboo. (Recommended Post: Make Peace with Your Body (For You and Your Daughter)
  11. A Life Less Sweet: This mom has taken her family off high fructose corn syrup. (Recommended Post: The Snack List)
  12. Watch Mom Run: Amanda is a mom who loves to run. (Recommended Post: Watch Mom Run)
  13. Escape from Obesity: This formerly obese mom shares her story of recovering from a nightmare. (Recommended Post: Escape from Obesity)
  14. See Mommy Run: Running moms can get great advice from Run Mommy Run. (Recommended Post: What doesn’t bend, breaks)
  15. Hollie’s Weight Loss Blog: Follow Hollie’s journey to weight loss on this blog. (Recommended Post: No More Scale!)
  16. Fit Yummy Mummy: Get fit after pregnancy with the help of Fit Yummy Mummy. (Recommended Post: 3 Quick Tricks to Boost Your Metabolism)
  17. Chubby Chicks Run Too: Carly is an out of shape runner balancing running, work, and family. (Recommended Post: Ready or Not!)
  18. Mama’s (soon to be) Fit Life: This mom is working on being the healthy person she’s meant to be. (Recommended Post: Finding the Joy)
  19. Mom on the Run: Janice discusses her challenges to keep up with running. (Recommended Post: Interval Running Workouts for Beginners)
  20. This Mama Cooks! On a Diet: This mom writes about losing pounds with healthy recipes. (Recommended Post: Light & Delish: 400 Calories or Less)
  21. Maverick Mom: Maverick Mom writes about staying healthy. (Recommended Post: How You Can Live Longer)
  22. MizFitOnline: MizFit writes about healthy living, exercise, nutrition, and more. (Recommended Post: Six Things Dr. Seuss Taught Me About Fitness)
  23. Lean Strong Mom: Real moms share their weight loss secrets on Lean Strong Mom. (Recommended Post: How can a mom lose weight and get into shape?)
  24. A Southern Mom: A southern mom writes this Weight Watchers blog. (Recommended Post: Weight Loss is Not a Numbers Game, It’s a Mind Game)
  25. Sleepless Mom’s Training Blog: See how this mom is keeping up with training. (Recommended Post: Rise and Shine!)
  26. Racing With Babes: Read this blog for an insider’s view of running with a job, training schedule, and growing family. (Recommended Post: What gets you moving?)
  27. Running Mom Blog: This blog discusses weather, strollers, and more for running moms. (Recommended Post: Running in Winter)
  28. Melting Mama: Melting Mama shares her experience with bariatric surgery. (Recommended Post: An Apple a Day?)
  29. Tall Mom on the Run: This mom is a career woman and marathon maniac. (Recommended Post: Start NOW)
  30. Mama-Twana’s House: Mama Twana blogs about getting her household on the path to wellness. (Recommended Post: Special Occasions)
  31. MCM Mama: This mom started running to overcome postpartum depression. (Recommended Post: 6 Word Running Memoir)
  32. Mom vs. Marathon: Kerrie shares how to run a marathon and a household at the same time. (Recommended Post: Day 188-190: Overeating, Barking Dogs and Lake Views)
  33. Mama Sweat: Mama Sweat writes about making fitness fit into your life as a mom. (Recommended Post: Pelvic Floor Party)
  34. Gourmet Mom on-the-go: Make healthy gourmet foods on the go with the help of this blog. (Recommended Post: Cheap and Fabulous Freezer Dinners)
  35. The Great Fitness Experiment: Charlotte is a mom who tests out all of the fitness ideas from magazines, and reports back on this blog. (Recommended Post: What Not to Wear: Gym Edition)
  36. The Healthy Moms Magazine: Get inspired to be healthy with the help of this blog. (Recommended Post: Tips to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds)
  37. Mommy’s Going For a Run: Leslie runs for time to be alone and rejuvenate. (Recommended Post: Pizza!!!)
  38. Fit Mom’s Blog: On this blog, you’ll find fitness for mommies. (Recommended Post: Mom’s Power Hour)
  39. Running After Violet: Casey writes about doing mom things and running at the same time. (Recommended Post: Couponing and Running)
  40. The Happy Runner: This mom writes about her love of running. (Recommended Post: Is it bedtime yet?)
  41. The (Mis) Adventures of a Jogging Stroller Mom: Laurie shares her insights as a jogging mom. (Recommended Post: Excuses)
  42. Meal Makeover Moms’ Kitchen: Make meals that you and your kids will enjoy with Meal Makeover Moms’ Kitchen. (Recommended Post: Family Nutrition…it’s our “Beat”)
  43. Workout Mommy: Workout Mommy writes about fitness tips and workouts for moms. (Recommended Post: My fat pregnancy)
  44. FitMomTV: Kiana encourages other moms to get and stay fit. (Recommended Post: More Exercises)
  45. (Mis)Adventures in Running: Read about this mom who took up running at 36. (Recommended Post: The Trouble with 5K’s)
  46. Running on My Time: Read this mom’s blog about making time for running. (Recommended Post: What You Never Exercise Without)
  47. Project Fit Mom!: Find fitness challenges, reviews, and more here. (Recommended Post: Old Jeans are New Jeans!)
  48. Strength for Motherhood: These moms write about exercising with strollers. (Recommended Post: Top 5 Things to Look for in a Jogging Stroller)
  49. Run Faster Mommy!: Heather shares her adventures as a running mom. (Recommended Post: Fear No Distance)
  50. Hot Mom Fitness: Here you’ll read about fitness information for moms. (Recommended Post: Can you change?)