50 Best Blogs for Veterinary Students

Getting a college degree in veterinary science is a lifelong dream for many students who have always had a passion for working with and helping animals. The more you learn in your classes and from your professors, the better you’ll ultimately be at helping those furry, feathered and scaly friends. Of course, class isn’t the only place students can learn– they can also expand their knowledge through the power of the internet. These animal and veterinary care blogs are the perfect place to learn more about tending to sick or injured animals and the ins and outs of running a practice.


With news, expert advice and essential information, these blogs are a great place to start learning about working with animals.

  1. Generation Vet: Need some entertainment? Here you’ll find the fictional story of a vet in a series of mini-episodes. Recommended Post: “Pilot Minisode.”
  2. Veterinary Practice News: You’ll want to bookmark this blog so you can keep up with the latest developments in veterinary medicine. Recommended Post: “Is Early Neutering Hurting Pets?
  3. Meet the Experts: If you’ve got a question about animal behavior, care and treatment, go here to ask it of these three animal experts. Recommended Post: “My dog is young and healthy. Would vitamin supplements be beneficial?
  4. Veterinarian Advice Online: Learn about topics like top ranked vet schools and animal CPR here. Recommended Post: “Ranked: Top 10 Veterinary Schools.”
  5. Creature Comforts: Visit this MSNBC bog for the latest in animal news, perfect for pet owners and vets alike. Recommended Post: “Putty in their paws: Why we do what cats want.”
  6. Veterinary Secrets: On this blog, Dr. Andrew Jones talks about the latest animal news. Recommended Post: “Is Advil Safe for Your Dog?
  7. Animals in the News: On this Animal Planet blog, you’ll be able to read some fun and inspiring stories about animals. Recommended Post: “Will Lonesome George be a dad?
  8. Animal News Blog: Want to follow the latest in animal-related news? Look no further than this blog, full of great stories, pictures and links. Recommended Post: “The Dangers of Homemade Dog Food.”
  9. Veterinary Medicine: This About.com blog is a great place to learn about some of the basics of veterinary medicine. Recommended Post: “Common Sugar Substitute Xylitol Can Be Deadly for Pets.”
  10. VetLive: From animal care questions and answers to inspirational stories, this blog is full of great information for animal lovers. Recommended Post: “Dog Diabetes: Ask the Veterinarian.”
  11. The Bad Vet Daily: Make it your goal never to end up featured on this blog. It’s full of stories of vets who’ve neglected or mistreated their patients and have been held at fault for it. Recommended Post: “Virginia Vet William Will Shows NO LOVE to Patient Kismet.”

Animal Organizations and Activism

These blogs will show you some of the injustices animals face and how you can help improve their care and treatment.

  1. ASPCA Blog: Learn more about saving and caring for animals on this organization’s blog. Recommended Post: “Dog Fighting Video, 45 Dogs Seized in Alabama Bust.”
  2. A Humane Nation: Wayne Pacelle, the President and CEO of the Humane Society, speaks to a wide range of animal cruelty and care issues on this blog. Recommended Post: “Today, The Bond Begins a National Conversation about Animal Protection.”
  3. Best Friends Blog: Best Friends Animal Society posts some great information here on helping promote animal rescue, no-kill shelters and spaying and neutering. Recommended Post: “When the President Calls About the Vick Dogs.”
  4. Aimee’s Rabies Exemption Law: On this blog, you can learn about the laws surrounding rabies vaccinations and what changes can and should be made to them to protect sick and aging animals. Recommended Post: “2008 Report on Rabies Vaccine Adverse Reactions in Dogs.”
  5. Ban Puppy Mills: Most of us have heard the horror stories about puppy mills. Read this blog to learn what you can do to put an end to this cruelty and help protect animals. Recommended Post: “Top 10 Summer Safety Tips for Pets.”
  6. Veterinary Rescuer: Learn more about the efforts of this blogger to save and protect animals and what you can do to help. Recommended Post: “Iowa’s Whistle Blowers Bill SF-43.”
  7. Itty Bitty Kitty Committee: Do you love to look at pictures of adorable kittens while also learning how you can help animals? Then this blog is the perfect read for you. Recommended Post: “OK, Everyone in the Basket.”

Veterinarian Blogs

What better way to learn about being a veterinarian than by hearing from those who are already working in the field? These blogs offer readers a chance to do just that.

  1. Pet Connection: Check out this blog to hear from Good Morning America’s vet expert, Dr. Marty Becker, as well as a host of others. Recommended Post: “Guardian, owner, dog mom, pet parent: What’s in a name?
  2. PetMD: Fully Vetted: Dr. Khuly, a Florida-based veterinarian, talks about caring for pets– from the common to the exotic– on this blog. Recommended Post: “Drug shortages and recalls: How they may be compromising your pets’ care.”
  3. Pawcurious: Curious as to what it’s really like to work as a vet? This blogger and veterinarian shares her daily trials and triumphs in animal care here. Recommended Post: “Water Creatures Need Love Too.”
  4. The Vetblog: This blog provides a wealth of great information for readers, from legal issues vets face to how to keep pets safe. Recommended Post: “Food Allergies.”
  5. Pete the Vet’s Blog: This veterinarian shares his answers to common pet questions, silly bits of news and more. Recommended Post: “Audio section: Lilies are poisonous to cats.”
  6. Your Pet’s Best Friend: Check out this blog for some interesting and inspiring tales of this small town vet’s experiences in animal care. Recommended Post: “Heart Attacks in Dogs.”
  7. Veterinary Insider: Here you’ll find some tips from Dr. Chris Pinney you can pass on to your clients for saving money on their pets while still maintaining the care and comfort they need. Recommended Post: “The Dark Side of Raw Food Diets.”
  8. VetBlog: If you want to learn more about medical conditions that can affect animals and how to look out for them, this blog is an excellent resource for the professional and pet owner alike. Recommended Post: “Metacam Manufacturer Warns Against Repeated Use in Cats.”
  9. Ask a Vet Question: Read through this blog to learn about some of the more common illnesses and problems you’ll have to diagnose as a vet. Recommended Post: “SAVE MONEY ON VET BILLS!

For the Pros

These blogs are great reads for vets in training, as they’re geared towards the pros, offering advice on everything from running a practice to choosing medications for your furry patients.

  1. Veterinary Manager Advisor: If you plan on running your own business, you’ll need to learn some management skills. Here you can learn how one veterinary manager does it all. Recommended Post: “What Are the Little BIG Things in Your Practice?
  2. VMDiva: Check out this blog to learn more about animal care and running a successful practice from Dr. Jennifer Koehl. Recommended Post: “Should We Penalize Late Clients?
  3. Dr. Nelson’s Veterinary Blog: Author, vet and blogger Dr. Nelson shares information on this blog directed at veterinary professionals. Recommended Post: “Hereditary Eye Disease In Bullmastiffs.”
  4. A Vet’s Guide to Life: This blog is a great place to learn about what being a vet is really about. Recommended Post: “Dachshund Back Problems.”
  5. Vet School Blog: Share in the fun and frustration of vet school with this blogger and animal enthusiast working towards her degree. Recommended Post: “E-Collar Blues.”
  6. Veterinary Technicians: Any practice is going to need a few vet techs to help out, so learn more about what these valuable employees have to offer and the hard work they do through this blog. Recommended Post: “schools question.”

Animal Specific

If you want to learn about specific animals, like horses or dogs, these blogs are great resources.

  1. Dog Star Daily: Learn more about your canine friends through this blog, full of tips, tools and adorable pictures of pups. Recommended Post: “Before You Get Your Puppy.”
  2. Riley and James: Dr. Shawn M. Finch talks about a number of animal care issues on this site, mostly focusing on dogs both big and small. Recommended Post: “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week!
  3. Ask the Vet: If you’re more interested in working with large animals like horses rather than house pets, this blog is a great place to learn more about what it takes and how to keep those horses healthy. Recommended Post: “Rapid Weight Loss in Horse
  4. e-Vet Clinic: Find some great information on dog and horse health and treatment here. Recommended Post: “The 10 Best Websites For Dog Lovers.”
  5. Horse Kinetics: This blog is a great place to learn more about health and care issues for horses. Recommended Post: “Horse Riding: Risk of Injury to the Horse.”

Pet Focused

Here you’ll find some great blogs that can help you learn more about cats, dogs and other small house pets.

  1. iPawz: Celebrate companion animals from parrots to puppies on this great blog. Recommended Post: “Ear cropping in dogs.”
  2. Paw Nation: Pet owners and animal lovers alike will find fun and helpful posts on this blog all about their favorite companion animals. Recommended Post: “Pet Resort Near Disney Opens.”
  3. PetsBlogs: If you’re a pet lover through and through, you’ll appreciate this blog full of great articles about animals. Recommended Post: “Keeping Your Dog Happy.”
  4. The Pet Blog: From stories of the bizarre to links to the best animal websites, this blog is a great read for anyone who loves having animals in their life. Recommended Post: “Creative grooming.”
  5. 4 The Love of Animals: Read through this blog to find tons of cuteness, great stories about animals and more. Recommended Post: “Dads and their Pets.”
  6. Pet Expert Blog: Dr. Nancy Kay, and a host of other animal experts, offer up help to pet owners when it comes to animal care and training. Recommended Post: “A Truly Hands-On Physical Examination.”


From radiology to homeopathic remedies, these vet blogs are focused on a specialty in the field.

  1. Dr. Patrick Mahaney: Those interested in learning a bit more about alternative treatments for animals should give this blog a read. Recommended Post: “Mesothelioma in Animals and the Benefits of Holistic Care.”
  2. The Homeless Parrot: On this blog, you can read about what it’s really like to work in emergency veterinary care. Recommended Post: “The cougar story.”
  3. Vet In Harness’s blog: This recent surgical grad of veterinary school shares stories of her work in the English Midlands here. Recommended Post: “‘C is for Chocolate’ – A to Z of Pet Poisons.”
  4. Vet Met Blog: This young vet, Dr. Allen Vazquez, focuses on animal disease, parasitology and dermatology. Recommended Post: “TAPEWORMS IN CATS.”
  5. Laboratory Tested: This blog is a great read for those who want to learn about the lab work with animals that goes into developing new medications and treatments. Recommended Post: “systematic strangeness is apparently beneficial.”
  6. Veterinary Radiology: If you’d like some lessons in how to read an animal’s x-ray, give this blog a look see. Recommended Post: “What do hyperechoic and hypoechoic mean?