28 Great Yoga Moves You Can Do In Your Office

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a typical yogi, yoga can be a very beneficial addition to your day. Taking breaks at the office is integral to staying flexible and healthy during the day, and you can supplement your normal stair climbs or walk around the building with these yoga poses. Whether or not you’ve tried yoga before or have studied the health benefits of yoga, try to find a peaceful spot in your office to stretch, strengthen your muscles, and regain your composure.

  1. Side benders: The first pose on this video will stretch out your neck, core and back. Just remember to keep your shoulders back and chest open.
  2. Shoulder rolls: Even if you don’t think you’re particularly stressed at work, you probably hold a lot of tension in your shoulders. Roll them out with this pose.
  3. Chair Pose: You’ll only pretend to be sitting in your chair as you do this pose, which strengthens your thighs, hips and hamstrings.
  4. Neck stretch: Another technique to immediately release tension and help yourself relax is this neck stretch.
  5. Tadasana: One of the most basic yoga poses, all you really have to do is stand with your feet together, practicing good posture and relieving back pain.
  6. Triangle pose: Anyone can do this pose, and as you become more advanced, you can focus on opening and stretching your hips and looking up to your other hand.
  7. Big Mind Meditation: Sit comfortably on the floor in this pose to quiet your mind.
  8. Standing tree pose: This is a great pose to do at work because it centers your mind and body while calming your nerves and helping you de-stress.
  9. Chair Twist: Your back will get a good, strong stretch with this pose you can do in your office chair.
  10. Warrior II Pose: Get a good stretch while strengthening your arms, thighs and legs at the same time.
  11. Downward Facing Dog: Shut your office blinds for this easily modified stretch that also strengthens your entire body.
  12. Raised Hands Pose: Stand with your feet together and raise up your pandas, pressing your palms together over your head to open up your shoulders and improve posture.
  13. Arm stretch: This standing pose stretches out your neck and back, too.
  14. Staff Pose: Attempt to sit as perfectly straight as you can, with your legs stretched out side by side in front of you.
  15. Hero pose: Concentrate on your breathing while stretching out your thighs.
  16. Calm Heart Meditation: Here’s another meditating pose that’s thought to calm you down when you feel stressed and overwhelmed.
  17. Half Forward Fold: Build up lower back and core strength, which should make sitting at a desk more comfortable.
  18. Lotus pose: Once you’ve worked on your flexibility, you can try this sitting pose for a good lower-body stretch, better posture, and a meditation pose.
  19. Plank: If you don’t want sit-up hair, strengthen your core with this pose.
  20. Child’s pose: If your office floor is clean, regain your center and your breath with child’s pose, which can also be done with your hands stretched out in front of your head.
  21. Pelvic Tilts: Stretch and strengthen your lower back with these pelvic tilts.
  22. Happy Baby: Here’s another pose you may want to do behind closed doors, but wouldn’t it be great to be as happy as a baby at work?
  23. Easy Pose: Many yoga classes start and/or finish with this pose, a great pose for concentrating on your breathing.
  24. Corpse pose: You may want to keep a lint roller handy for after this pose, but it’s a great relaxing pose that will help you regain your breath and calm.
  25. Standing Forward Bend: You’re allowed to bend your knees as long as your fingers can touch the floor in this pose.
  26. Cobra pose: Said to be good for asthma, this pose also restores energy and reduces stress.
  27. Hands and Knees Balance: Work on your core muscles and balance here.
  28. Alternate Nostril Breathing: It’s not a pose, but these breathing techniques can help you get the most out of your office yoga.