100 Inspirational Health Posts to Make Good On Your New Year’s Resolution

Making a New Year’s resolution is easy, but keeping up with it as
the year progresses is much harder, especially when it involves major
lifestyle and health changes. If your resolution this coming year is to
live a healthier life, whether that means losing weight or cutting back
on the fast food, then there are some ways that you can help yourself
stay on track, overcome setbacks and make this year the one where you
finally stick to your resolution. Check out these blog posts for
inspiration, advice and information on sticking to your health-related
resolutions so you can stay healthy and happy in nursing school and beyond.


These posts offer advice on keeping you healthy throughout the year and sticking to healthy resolutions.

  1. New Year’s Resolutions: Get tips on making and sticking to your healthy resolutions here.
  2. A new year, a new resolution to lose weight and look great: Learn how you can make this year the one where you actually stick to your resolution and look better than ever with this post.
  3. Five Ways to Improve Your Health Overnight: You
    don’t have to make huge changes to help your health. This post offers
    some smaller changes that will have an immediate impact on your health.
  4. Ten Things You Can Do to Improve Your Physical Fitness: Learn how you can make some changes that will benefit your physical fitness in this post.
  5. Offbeat Ways to Eat Better, Exercise More: If you’ve tried and failed on the beaten path, try these more unconventional methods of getting healthy this year.
  6. 25 Simple Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness: From eating right to working out, here you’ll find some simple tips that can help you improve your overall health.
  7. Top 10 New Year Health Resolutions: Ever wonder what the most common health-related resolutions are? Here you’ll find the top ten and tips for sticking to them.
  8. Simple Ways to Get Healthy: Getting healthy doesn’t have to mean getting complicated. Here you’ll find basic health tips you can stick to.
  9. 10 Ways to Improve Your Cholesterol Levels: If one of your health goals is to lower your cholesterol, you’ll find some helpful tips here.
  10. How To Make Healthy Habits Stick, Permanently!: Learn
    new ways you can make the healthy habits you’re resolving to have
    actually last you throughout the year with help from this post.
  11. 50 Ideas for a Healthy Lifestyle that take 10 Minutes or Less: Not having time is no excuse for not keeping your resolution, as this post proves.

Losing Weight

Those who are hoping to shed some pounds next year can get advice on staying on track from these posts.

  1. 50 Weight Loss Tips: Check out Chris Pirillo’s 50 tips in this blog post to get some help and advice on your weight loss journey.
  2. Will Your 2010 New Year’s Resolution Be To Lose Weight?: If you’re planning on making a resolution to lose weight, this post offers some help to get you to stick to it.
  3. 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Metabolism: Give yourself a leg up in losing weight by speeding up your metabolism a little bit with the tips in this blog.
  4. New Years Weight Loss Hacks: Use these tricks and tips from Lifehacker to ensure your resolutions pay off.
  5. 50 Easy Ways to Lose Weight While at Work: Just because you sit behind a desk all day doesn’t mean you can’t be losing weight at work, as this post demonstrates.
  6. Stick to a Routine and Lose Weight Easily: Here you’ll learn about the importance of creating a routine in the process of losing weight.
  7. 11 Things Children Can Teach You About Weight Loss: This post will show you that working out can be fun by taking lessons from a more childlike view of the world.
  8. Easy (and Sexy) Ways to Lose 50 Pounds a Year: No matter how much you have to lose, you can get inspiration and ideas on doing it right from this post.
  9. 15 Best Diet Tips Ever: These tips from WebMD are bound to help you be more successful in your weight loss endeavors.
  10. How to Lose Weight Watching TV: Think
    it sounds too good to be true? The reality is that you might be able to
    lose weight while you watch your favorite shows if you get active
    instead of just sitting there.
  11. 15 Reasons Why You’re not Losing Weight: If
    you always get frustrated with weight loss because you just can’t seem
    to shed the pounds, then read this post to find out what might be
    holding you back.
  12. The Top Five Reasons Why Weight Loss is Temporary: Learn why your resolutions so often go unfulfilled by learning the major reasons that most people can’t sustain weight loss.
  13. 10 Reasons Why Some Women Really Can’t Lose Weight: If
    you’re a woman who is seriously struggling with losing weight, then
    read through this post to see some female-specific reasons weight loss
    can be so tough.

Working Out

Learn how to stick to your resolution about working out more with
tips on making it fun, cheap alternatives to the gym and more.

  1. The Simple Fitness Rules: These total fitness basics from Zen Habits will break fitness down into concepts and goals you can understand.
  2. 9 Excuses to Avoid Making With Your Workout Routine: Resolutions are very often sidetracked by excuses, so learn which ones not to make to sabotage your healthy efforts.
  3. 7 Ways to Make Exercise Fun: Getting in shape doesn’t have to be a chore, as the fun ideas in this post show.
  4. Frugal Fitnes: Twenty-Five and a Half Ways to Make it Happen: If
    you don’t have a lot of money, that doesn’t mean you can’t work out.
    Learn some frugal ways to kick your fitness into gear in this post.
  5. Sick of the Gym? Find Your Sport: If
    you loathe the treadmill then use the information in this post to help
    you find a sport that you enjoy playing that will give you a great
    workout at the same time.
  6. 13 Fitness Tips to Stay Motivated and Work Out Effectively: Staying motivated to work out can be hard, but you can find some helpful tips in this post.
  7. 48 Fun Ways to Exercise: Get more ideas on making workouts fun and beneficial at the same time in this post.
  8. Five Ways to Pick up the Exercise Habit Again: If you haven’t worked out in months, this post can help you get back into the swing of things.
  9. 16 Tips to Triple Your Workout Effectiveness: Make the most of the time that you spend at the gym with this post that’s all about working out smarter.
  10. How To Get Motivated To Exercise When You Can’t Be Bothered: If
    you’re tired, busy, and just plain grumpy when it comes to working out,
    then this post is for you, with ideas on staying motivated no matter
  11. Are You Too Tired To Work Out?: One
    of the most common excuses people give for not working out is that they
    are too tired. This post offers some tips on overcoming that excuse and
    getting your butt to the gym.
  12. Workout Motivation Tips: How to get motivated to keep working out: Learn how to keep yourself motivated and sticking to your resolution with the tips in this post.
  13. How to Choose the Right Workout Partner: Finding
    a partner to workout with can greatly increase your chances of
    successfully sticking to your workout routine. This post addresses how
    to choose the right person that will support and help your weight loss
    and fitness.
  14. How to Start Running Without Feeling Like a Failure: This
    great post from Stepcase Lifehack will help you learn to start running
    for exercise, even if it’s a bit of a challenge at first.

Eating Right

Give yourself a leg up on starting a new, healthier diet with these blog posts.

  1. Hassle-free Weight Loss: The Zen Habits Meal Plan: This very simple outline from Zen Habits will streamline your healthy eating habits.
  2. 16 Ways to Eat Healthy While Keeping it Cheap: Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune, something this post reinforces.
  3. Top Ten Super Diet Staples For Great Health: Learn what foods you should make your staples from this post on healthy eating.
  4. 10 Tips for Sticking to Your Diet: Those who are undergoing a major change in diet can get some tips on actually sticking to those changes here.
  5. The 11 Most Important Rules For Healthy Eating: In this post you’ll learn some of the most important basics when it comes to eating right.
  6. How to Find Time to Cook Healthy Meals: Not having time to eat right is no excuse as this post shows how to make the time.
  7. How To Kill Your Addictions to Junk Food and Soda Pop: Soda
    and junk food are two things that can sidetrack a diet plan pretty
    quickly. Learn to break off your relationships with these foods through
    some guidance from this post.
  8. Making Meals Easier: A Few Healthy Eating Ideas: Learn some ways that you can make eating right just as easy as eating poorly from this post.
  9. Top 15 Diet Hacks: Here you’ll find a list of diet hacks you can use to help stick to your resolution in this post.
  10. Sometimes Smaller Is Better: Read this post to learn about the importance of portion control.
  11. 9 Keys for Lasting Diet or Life Changes: Want to make those healthy changes stick? Read through this post for advice.
  12. 9 Great Reasons to Drink Water, and How to Form the Water Habit: Water is an essential part of our bodies, and this post stresses how it’s central to eating right and feeling good.
  13. 7 Healthy Foods That Will Fill You Up and Prevent Overeating: If you want to avoid feeling hungry but still eat right, this post is chock full of helpful information.

Breaking Bad Habits

Whether you want to quit smoking, cut back on drinking, or any other variety of bad health habits, these posts will help.

  1. New Years Resolution: Quitting Smoking: Learn how you can make your New Year’s resolution to finally quit smoking this year.
  2. Now You’ve Quit, Time to Get Fit: There’s
    more to quitting than just breaking the habit. This post focuses on not
    only helping you stop smoking, but getting your lungs and body back in
    shape too.
  3. How to Stay Clean After Drug Rehab: Those who’ve had a rough go of it in rehab can get some advice on staying clean and sober this year in this post.
  4. 20 Tricks to Nuke a Bad Habit: No matter what your bad health habit is, you can get advice on kicking it to the curb here.
  5. 10 Tips for Quitting Smoking: Get some helpful advice on how you can break your addiction to nicotine here.
  6. How to Give Up Coffee and Caffeine Altogether: As
    vices go, coffee and caffeine aren’t all that bad. Of course, they
    aren’t all that good for you either if you consume large amounts of
    them. Learn to break your habit here.
  7. The Habit Change Cheatsheet: 29 Ways to Successfully Ingrain a Behavior: Whether
    you want to work out, wash your hands more frequently or stop drinking,
    this post can help you break your old ways and set the foundation for
    new ones.
  8. How to Cut Down on Your Drinking: You
    don’t have to be an alcoholic to have your health improved by drinking
    less. This post offers some ideas to help you indulge more frugally.
  9. Five Most Common Bad Habits and What They REALLY Mean: Learn if your bad habits are really harming your health from this post.
  10. Tips for Breaking Bad Habits and Developing Good Habits: This post offers a wealth of advice that will help you make your resolutions into new healthy habits.

Reducing Stress

Stress can be an underlying cause for many diseases as well as
weight gain, sleeplessness, and emotional problems that can lead to
unhealthy behaviors. Get some help sticking to your resolutions by
learning how to beat stress in these posts.

  1. Eight Ways to Beat Stress: Use this post as a roadmap for battling the harmful stress in your life so you can focus on being healthy inside and out.
  2. Meditation for Beginners: 20 Practical Tips for Quieting the Mind: If you’ve never tried meditation, this post offers a great introduction to the practice.
  3. How Meditation Can Improve Your Health: Try out meditation as a remedy for stress with a little help from this post.
  4. The Causes of Stress and How to Overcome Them: Read this post to learn where your stress could be coming from and how to make it affect you less.
  5. 20 Ways to Eliminate Stress From Your Life: This post offers some advice on cutting out some of the little stresses in your life.
  6. How to Stop Being a Workaholic: Are
    you working too much and enjoying your life too little? This can stress
    you out in a big way and hurt your health. Learn how to stop working so
    much and focus on other aspects of your life as well.
  7. 100 Ways to Help Reduce Stress: These 100 tips can help you shed some of the stress you carry with you throughout your life.
  8. Fitness: A Device to De-Stress Your Workout: Don’t let your workout be a source of stress. This post offers methods to make working out more fun and possibly even relaxing.
  9. 10 Simple Ways to Live a Less Stressful Life: In this post from Zen Habits you’ll learn how to cut out some of the major stressors in your life.
  10. Relieve Stress with Yoga: Learn how you can use yoga to reduce the stress in your life from the poses and advice this post offers.

Mental Health and Self Image

The way you see yourself and your successes and failures can have a
big impact on your success at sticking to a resolution, not to mention
your overall health. Learn how to feel better about yourself, get
happier and keep your mind healthy in these posts.

  1. Steps to Maintaining a Positive Attitude: Learn to look at the bright side, even if you’re struggling to keep your resolution.
  2. Two Ways To Boost Your Low Self-Esteem: Get some simple ideas on feeling more confident about yourself here.
  3. Virus Protection For The Mind: This Zen Habits post will teach you how to keep infectious, bad thoughts from destroying your focus and confidence.
  4. Three Keys to True Happiness: These basic tips will guide you towards a happier, more confident year.
  5. Why Your Self-Handicapping Excuses Don’t Work: There
    are a whole lot of excuses that people make for themselves to excuse
    not following through with resolutions, but this post shows why neither
    you or anyone else believes them.
  6. 25 Killer Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence: Read through this post to get some great ideas on how you can feel better about being you today.
  7. 22 Tips for High Maintaining Self-Esteem: You don’t have to lose a bunch of weight to feel good about yourself, as this post from Dumb Little Man shows.


A big part of staying on track with a healthy resolution is staying
motivated. These posts will give you the perseverance to push on even
when you face setbacks.

  1. 5 Ways to Outsmart the Resolution Blues: Many
    people give up on their resolutions because they get down on themselves
    and frustrated. This post explains how to get past those feelings and
    stay on track.
  2. 1 Step Back, 2 Steps Forward: Learn how to turn setbacks into motivation through this post.
  3. Maintaining Motivation: This post will give you some ideas on how to keep yourself motivated to work out, eat right, quit smoking or anything else.
  4. Developing Positive Patterns: Part of being able to stick with a resolution is making it a pattern or routine, something this post explains how to do.
  5. How to Set Goals for the New Year: In order to prevent frustration, learn how to make realistic and attainable resolutions from this post.
  6. How to Kick Your Motivation into High Gear: In this post you’ll learn how to really push yourself to attain your resolution goals.
  7. Setting Goals for the New Year: Learn why having goals can be better than making resolutions in this post.
  8. 7 Common Reasons People Fail To Achieve New Year Resolutions: Read this post to learn the biggest things that cause people to give up on their resolutions.
  9. How to Stay Motivated to Meet Your Health Goals: Check out this article for some ideas that can make achieving your health goals a little easier.
  10. The Six Basic Requirements of Self-Motivation: This post will instruct you on building iron will-power.
  11. How to Make Difficult Tasks Easier: Losing
    weight and getting fit can be difficult tasks for many, but this post
    offers some advice that will grease the wheels and get you moving
    towards accomplishing your goals.
  12. Fitness programs: 10 tips for staying motivated: Read through this post for some tips on keeping up your fitness motivation throughout the year.
  13. 21 Surefire Ways to Stay Motivated: These tips are guaranteed to strike a chord with you and get you moving.


From dental health to making sure you get regular checkups, these posts will help you stay healthy all year long.

  1. A Resolution to Smile About: This
    year, why not resolve to not only keep your body healthy, but your
    teeth as well. This post details why this is an important part of
    overall health and fitness.
  2. Free Tools to Manage New Year’s Resolutions: Use these tools collected by Lifehacker to help you stick to your guns this year and follow through on your resolutions.
  3. 27 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health: Want an easy way to feel better and happier? This post explains why getting a pet may help you do just that.
  4. How to Get Cut Muscles and Abs: If
    you don’t want to just get in shape, but get in top shape, this blog
    offers some tips that will let you show off your new muscular physique.
  5. Some Tips To Find Affordable Health Insurance: For
    many, health gets put on the sidelines because they simply can’t afford
    health insurance. This blog post helps readers find health coverage
    that is within their budget so they don’t feel unable to go to the
    doctor when they need to.
  6. 10 Benefits of Power Napping, and How to Do It: Banish your excuses about being too tired to eat well or workout with the awesome power of the nap.
  7. How To Save Your Health and Wealth at the Same Time: Learn
    some truly budget friendly ways to kick up your fitness a notch without
    breaking your budget in this post, and how these two aspects of life
    are strongly connected.
  8. Medical Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore: If
    your resolutions are all about living healthier, then learn what signs
    of potential health problems you really shouldn’t ignore if you want to
    take care of your health.
  9. Why You Should See a Doctor Regularly: Going
    to the doctor for checkups shouldn’t be a hassle, as this post explains
    why it can be so important to your overall health.