100 Excellent Medical Advice Sites for New or Expecting Moms

Being a mom is an exciting experience, but one that comes with a lot
of worries and questions as well, especially when it comes to the
health of you and your baby. While it’s usually a good idea to check
with your health care provider over the phone or in person, you can
look up some basic information online as well, helping you find out if
you’re right to be worried or if you’re perfectly normal. Here are some
great sites to look to for medical advice on everything from general
health to pregnancy specific topics.

General Advice

These sites offer information and advice for the whole family.

  1. WebMD: Whether
    you’re needing answers related to your pregnancy or just general health
    information this site has just about everything you could need.
  2. Healthline: Use
    this helpful site to search your symptoms, find out what kind of
    treatments are available and even find doctors in your area.
  3. Mayo Clinic: Get health advice you can trust from this world renowned clinic on symptoms, drugs, medical tests and more.
  4. MedicineNet: This site is a great all in one resource with helpful advice on everything from spider bites to definitions of medical terms.
  5. HealthCentral: Through this site you can check your symptoms, find out about drugs and even find a therapist in your area.
  6. Ask Doctor Cameron: If you have a medical question, find answers through this physician-run site.
  7. NetDoctor: On this site you’ll find a whole section dedicated to women’s health as well as a wide range of other medical advice resources.
  8. InteliHealth: Aetna partnered with Harvard Medical School to create this informative and reliable medical site.
  9. FamilyDoctor.org: Pay a visit to this site to get daily health tips, female specific health advice and much more.
  10. Med Help International: Get help with your medical questions and help on answering your concerns through this site.
  11. WrongDiagnosis: Considering getting a second opinion? Check out this site first to see what else could be troubling you.
  12. NetWellness: Click on the health topics listed on this site to learn more or ask experts for advice on your questions.
  13. Hardin MD: This University of Iowa site provides photos of numerous medical conditions as well as alphabetized information.
  14. PDR Health: This
    online version of the Physician’s Desktop Reference is a great resource
    for moms searching for helpful advice on a wide range of issues.
  15. The Merck Manuals: Maintained
    by the pharmaceutical company, this site offers topic based medical
    information on illnesses and drugs as well as 3-D models, multimedia
    and more.
  16. Health Guidance: This site is home to hundreds of articles on medical topics. Search through the listings to find what you’re looking for.
  17. Dirline: This search engine will allow you to search the medical literature on file at the National Library of Medicine.
  18. MedicinePlus: Check out this site through the National Institutes of Health to search through articles and information on medical topics.
  19. Imedix: Join
    this online medical community to find out more about others with your
    health issues and to search through articles on a variety of
  20. HealthFinder: This government site is home to health guides, medical advice, and information on medical services in your community.
  21. PubMed: Get academic with this search engine that lets you search through medical journals new and old alike.

Women’s Health

These medical sites focus on female-specific issues before, during and after pregnancy.

  1. AllAboutYou: From eating right to sexual health, this site focuses on some basic women’s health issues and more.
  2. Feminist.com: Here you’ll find links and information on reproductive and sexual health.
  3. Women’s Health.gov: This
    government site will provide information on a range of women’s health
    concerns and point you in the direction of community organizations that
    can help you.
  4. HealthyWomen.org: On this site you’ll find a guide for new moms, a list of health topics, and a load of issues on women’s and family health.
  5. Our Bodies, Our Selves: Named
    after the book of the same title, this site is all about helping women
    learn more about how their bodies work and embracing their feminine
  6. Women’s Health at About.com: From
    the basics of gynecological visits to helpful information to get you
    through your pregnancy this site is home to hundreds of women’s health
  7. OBGYN.net: This
    online community is home to hundreds of medical professionals who you
    can find through the listings or get answers from through the site.
  8. Women’s Health.com: Here you can read articles and talk to other women about sexual health, pregnancy, nutrition and more.
  9. Women’s Health Matters: This Canadian site offers articles on women’s health issues from A-Z.
  10. Society for Women’s Health Research: learn
    about the latest research into women’s health from t his society. You
    may be able to find great articles and information that answer your
    questions as well.
  11. National Women’s Health Network: Find health information and alerts through this site dedicated to improve women’s health care.
  12. Epigee Women’s Health: This site is home to information on birth control, sexual health, reproductive health, nutrition and a whole lot more.


If this is your first child, you likely have loads of questions
about being pregnant. Here are some sites that can offer some answers.

  1. Pregnancy-Info: This site has resources for every part of your pregnancy, from getting pregnant to parenting.
  2. AskBaby.com: Here you’ll find great answers on everything having to do with being pregnant and caring for a new baby.
  3. American Pregnancy Association: This association is a great source of reliable and up-to-date information on sexual and pregnancy health.
  4. Happy Healthy Pregnancy: Check out this Huggies site to sign up for deals and find out more about pregnancy.
  5. First Time Pregnancy: This
    blog offer advice for first time moms who are unsure of the best
    methods of caring for baby or what to know more about giving birth.
  6. StorkNet: This parenting and pregnancy website offers everything from pregnancy calendars to tips on breastfeeding your baby.
  7. Pregnancy Today: Read
    through this site to learn what to expect throughout your pregnancy,
    how to deal with symptoms and get some pregnancy advice.
  8. Pregnancy.org: Pay a visit to this site to read about a variety of medical issues related to pregnancy and childbirth.
  9. Baby and Bump: Visit this site to ask your questions and get answers from other moms out there.
  10. BellyBelly: This Australian site offers articles on all stages of pregnancy and delivery.
  11. What to Expect: The website to the now famous book What to Expect When You’re Expecting, this site is home to numerous articles on pregnancy and parenting as well as a great online community.
  12. ePregnancy: Learn about the medical issues associated with pregnancy from conception to birth on this site.
  13. The Labor of Love: Read a wide range of articles on this site that will help you assuage your worries about pregnancy and parenting.


Learn more about ways of giving birth and what you can expect on these sites.

  1. Childbirth.org: No matter how you plan to give birth you can find information and advice on this site.
  2. Online Birth Center: Check out this site for information on midwifery, birth and breastfeeding.
  3. Cesarean.org: Learn
    more about giving birth vaginally after having a cesarean as well as
    get some helpful information on childbirth through this site.
  4. International Cesarean Awareness Network: While
    focused on the goal of letting moms choose VBAC, this site also offers
    a range of great resources on pregnancy, delivery and recovery.
  5. CSectionRecovery: If
    you’re planning on having a C-section you can learn more about what
    you’ll need to do to ensure a speedy recovery from this site.
  6. Birthing Naturally: Those
    who want to give natural childbirth a try can learn more about the
    medical aspects of it and what to expect from this site.
  7. Hypno Birthing Blog: Want to try something different? Check out this site on hypno-birthing.
  8. Unassisted Childbirth: If you want to go old school and give birth the natural way, read more about what you’ll be experiencing here.
  9. Childbirth Resource Network: This site will answer some of your most important questions about giving birth.

Newborns and Young Babies

New moms can find information on their post-baby bodies and the care of their new little ones from these sites.

  1. NewBaby.com: Get advice and answers, and access to really cute videos, on this mom-centric site.
  2. BabyCenter: This site is a great all-in-one resource, with advice on pregnancy, babies and toddlers at all stages.
  3. All About Moms: Here you’ll find information on parenting and caring for your new baby from a green perspective.
  4. BabyCentre: This UK site fosters an active community, and can be a great place to find all kinds of medical information and support.
  5. SureBaby.com: Here you’ll find answers on a range of topics both during and after your pregnancy.
  6. American Baby: New moms will appreciate the articles and information provided by this online magazine.
  7. AskaMum: Wanna know more about what having a newborn is like? Ask mom who’ve been there and done that on this site.
  8. New Mom 101: Get free ebooks on parenting and transitioning into your role as a new mom from this site.
  9. Just the Facts Baby: Here you’ll get access to tons of advice to help you navigate through your pregnancy and being a new mom.
  10. General Pediatrics: Search through this pediatrics focused site to learn more about health issues specific to children.


Here you’ll find advice and information on breast and bottle feeing your baby.

  1. Breastfeeding 1-2-3: This blog is home to all kinds of articles and news about breastfeeding topics that you may have been wondering about.
  2. KellyMom: Bookmark this site if you plan to breastfeed your baby as it offers loads of great feeding information.
  3. Breastfeeding.com: Use this site to get information and answers about breastfeeding as well as watch videos and join the online community.
  4. Mom Appetit: Follow this mom as she breastfeeds her baby and shares her experiences and advice on this site.
  5. Breastfeeding Basics: If this is your first baby, learn more about breastfeeding from this site.
  6. Bottle Feeding Baby: Those who can’t or don’t want to breastfeeding can find loads of information on bottle feeding here.

Postpartum Issues

If you’re experiencing some issues with depression, you can find help and advice on these great informational sites.

  1. PostPartum Depression Network: Women who are struggling with postpartum depression can find information and support through this site.
  2. All About Prenatal/Postnatal Depression and Anxiety: Learn more about the medical reasons behind depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy.
  3. Postpartum Progress: Read this blog and get support and advice from a mom who struggled with postpartum depression.
  4. Postpartum Stress Center: Here you can read up on postpartum depression and find out where to go to get help.
  5. Beyond Postpartum: This site aims to help spread information about perinatal mood disorders.

Illness and Medication

From learning about drug reactions to understanding how to deal with
minor boo-boos, these sites offer loads of helpful information on
dealing with illness and injury.

  1. Antibiotic Guide: Learn more about the antibiotics you’re taking and how they might affect your body during and after pregnancy.
  2. Drug Digest: Unsure what drugs are safe to take while pregnant? Do a little research here first.
  3. Personal MD Drug Database: Look up a wide range of medications through this helpful site.
  4. Rx List: Even if you lose the information that comes along with your prescription you can find it online here.
  5. Drugs.com: Visit this site to learn more about the medications you take and how they can interact or affect your life.
  6. First Aid and Safety: Check out this basic site for a great introduction to first aid essentials.
  7. Sick Child Basics: If you’ve never dealt with having a sick baby before this site can help get you through the ordeal.
  8. First Aid for Children: Learn how to administer first aid to your child in case of an emergency with help from this site.
  9. SOS Morning Sickness: If you’re suffering from especially bad morning sickness learn how to cope and get relief from this site.

Nutrition and Fitness

Check out these sites to learn how to stay healthy and fit before and after you have your baby.

  1. FitPregnancy: This site is entirely dedicated to helping you learn how to work out and eat right while pregnant.
  2. BabyFit: Join this group to get fit and healthy as a pregnant mom, without overdoing it.
  3. WomenFitness: While
    this site focuses on general women’s fitness, there are a number of
    helpful articles for pregnant women and new moms as well.
  4. Fitness Online: Read up about pregnancy fitness on this site.
  5. Yoga Mama: If you’re looking to try yoga while pregnant this blog can show you how.
  6. Gluten-Free Mommy: Those on a gluten-free diet can learn how to keep themselves and their baby healthy.
  7. Fit and Healthy Pregnancy: Learn more about the science of eating right when you’re eating for two.
  8. Pregnant Health: From eating right to working out, this site offers a wide range of informative articles.
  9. Postpartum Fitness: Get some advice, medical and motivational, from this site on how to get back into shape after baby.
  10. Bookieboo: This
    online community of moms looking to get fit can give you the advice,
    information and inspiration you need to get in shape post-pregnancy.
  11. Lean Strong Mom: This blog is dedicated to sharing stories and advice from moms who are working at getting back in shape.


These sites will help you understand the medical information you read, chart your pregnancy and more.

  1. Online Medical Dictionary: If you’re unsure what a word or term means in a medical article you’re reading, you can find out the answer from this site.
  2. Travel Health Online: Learn what you need to do to keep yourself and your baby healthy when you’re traveling.
  3. Internet Mental Health: Mental health is also an important part of life during pregnancy and after, so get guidance and information from this resource.
  4. Pregnancy Calendars: Here
    you’ll find a wide range of pregnancy calendars to help you track your
    baby’s growth and development and learn what’s normal at each stage.