100 Educational Twitter Feeds for Med Students

Following others on Twitter can be a great way to keep up with the
latest news, talk to friends, find a laugh or even learn something new.
With the growing popularity of the social site, more and more medical
professionals, organizations and news outlets are creating profiles and
providing those in the medical field and students who soon will be with
an easy to track source of updates and information. Here are just a few
feeds that can provide medical students with some helpful information,
guidance and news to aid in their studies.

Medical News

Use these feeds as a way to keep up-to-speed on the latest developments in the health and medical fields.

  1. @MedicalNews: This
    feed brings together some of the best and latest medical updates, from
    updates about the swine flu to new discoveries in internal medicine.
  2. @medicalneeds: Learn more about the health care crisis and the role health insurance plays from the tweets and links in this feed.
  3. @ForeignOps: If
    you have any interest in learning about medical tourism you can find
    out more about what countries are the hot spots and the medical
    breakthroughs they’re making here.
  4. @medical_tweets: Here you’ll find a variety of interesting tweets with links to stories on medical issues.
  5. @IntMedNews: Learn more about internal medicine from the feed of this popular publication.
  6. @NewsRx: This
    feed will keep you up-to-date with developments relevant to the medical
    profession– from book releases to new discoveries.
  7. @MedicalNewsUSA: While this feed has a bit of a political slant it can also help keep you abreast of new discoveries in medicine.
  8. @MedicalShow: This feed goes along with a medical show with the relatively uncreative name Medical Show.
  9. @HealthHive: Check out this feed to read regular updates on news happening in the health care field.
  10. @NPRHealth: If you like getting your news from public radio, this feed makes it possible to keep up even when you don’t have a radio handy.
  11. @medupdates: This student-run feed provides readers with updates about important medical research and discoveries.
  12. @medicinenews: Read through this feed to get tweets on research findings and the latest medical news.
  13. @medicalreport: Run
    by The Medical Information Reporting Standards Trust, this feed aims to
    report some of the hard truths and issues in health care.

Medical Students

You can get some support, advice and shared experiences from these feeds maintained by medical students.

  1. @MedStu: Follow this UK medical student as he learns from his first experiences on the job.
  2. @Medache: This 4th year medical student in the UK offers some great insights, laughs and opportunities to commiserate.
  3. @medstudentblog: Written by a 3rd year medical in the US, this feed shares experiences in different rotations.
  4. @MedscapeStudent: This
    feed isn’t written by a medical student but it supplies news and
    information meant to cater to the interests of medical students.
  5. @Med_Student: If you’re an older medical student you can share experiences with this Irish med student going back to school later in life.
  6. @elsemedstudents: This feed provides medical students with helpful information from Elsevier.
  7. @justanotherdoc: If
    you want some help on your exams or just recalling important things
    follow this feed– full of important information this student didn’t
    want to forget.
  8. @medkid: This Australian medical student encourages other medical students to share their experiences– good and bad.
  9. @medicalstudents: Check out this feed to connect with other medical students using social media.
  10. @StudentBMJ: The British Medical Journal maintains this feed for students in the UK and around the world.
  11. @neurogrl16: Follow along as this college student works to go into the medical field.


Read the tweets in these feeds, written by doctors working in a variety of fields or geared towards those working as doctors.

  1. @doctoranonymous: Here you’ll find tweets from a family physician and internet radio host on a range of issues– medical and non.
  2. @pregnancydoc: Learn more about pregnancy through this obstetrics focused feed.
  3. @TheKidsDoctor: This feed goes along with an award-winning website, providing great information about pediatrics and kids health issues.
  4. @weirdmedicine: Doctor Steve not only has a Twitter feed but a radio show on XM radio to go along with it.
  5. @FatDoctor: Listen as this family physician and mother talks about her work and life at home in this feed.
  6. @doctorschannel: This feed is all about providing information that could be helpful, educational or informative to doctors.
  7. @GPforHire: This family doctor muses on a variety of topics in this feed.
  8. @iCons_in_Med: Learn
    more about doctors who are making a difference in the world through the
    physicians highlighted and news reported in this feed.
  9. @CNNHealth: Get updates on health news and issues from Dr. Sanjay Gupta in this feed.
  10. @KevinMD: Doctor Kevin Pho comments on a wide range of medical and health care issues– both personal and political– here.
  11. @Doctor_V: This feed is written by a pediatrician specializing in gastric care.
  12. @doccottle: If you want to learn more about how doctors can use technology, be sure to check out this feed from Dr. Peter Beck Kim.
  13. @DrWesYoung: This Hawaiian doctor shares his thoughts on everyday life in this feed.

Health Information

These feeds, geared towards the general public, are nonetheless
great places to keep up with health news and developments that will
affect your practice.

  1. @goodhealth: Here you can get tweets that will lead you to links, hand picked by Health Magazine.
  2. @twithealth: The tweets in this feed are full of ideas on how to improve your well-being as well as health related news stories.
  3. @one80dotcom: Maintained by a personal trainer and nutrition expert, this feed offers some great tips on personal health.
  4. @famhealthguide: This feed is home to news about personal and family health.
  5. @heartshealth: Those interested in cardiac health issues can read more about news focused on the heart from this feed.
  6. @BBChealth: Get international coverage of health issues from this news feed.
  7. @msnbc_health: Here you can stay on top of what news stories are rocking the medical field today.
  8. @HealthWebBlog: This feed addresses issues about the Swine Flu both silly and serious.
  9. @UGWellness: Underground Wellness’ feed is all about helping readers stay healthy and avoid needing medical care in the first place.
  10. @healthcare: Read through this feed to get updates on news and issues in international and domestic medical crises.
  11. @HealthInFocus: This
    feed aims to publish stories and links on how doctors and medical
    professionals are improving the quality of health care in the United

Medical Technology

Keep on the cutting edge of technology by following these companies
and organizations at the forefront of medical research and development.

  1. @usmolecular: This feed will help you learn more about developments in medical imaging.
  2. @MEDITECH: Stay up-to-date on medical technology here.
  3. @MedicalTech: This
    Florida-based company is developing health care products you can use on
    your iPhone and beyond and you can learn about it here.
  4. @CardiacImaging: Read
    this feed to better understand the latest technologies involved in
    cardiac care like nuclear myocardial perfusion imaging scans and more.

Medical School

Whether it’s your own medical school or another you have an interest
in, these feeds will keep you up to date with the world of medical

  1. @UTMedSchool: The
    University of Texas Medical School at Houston will keep you in the loop
    about what their latest research has discovered and faculty who stand
    out through this feed.
  2. @UMDNJ_RWJMS: Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey offers region-specific health care updates in this feed.
  3. @harvardmed: As one of the premier medical schools in the world, this Harvard feed offers links to research and clips of faculty forums.
  4. @vusm: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine gives both prospective students and casual readers something to think about here.
  5. @UMmedSchool: This feed will give you information about the UNiversity of Maryland Medical School as well as larger medical discoveries.
  6. @warwickmed: Learn about new discoveries in medicine from the medical school of this UK university.
  7. @Duke_Medicine: This world-class university offers updates on medical news and specific information from faculty members as well in their feed.
  8. @widfm: The
    University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine uses this feed to
    post updates about their program and using technology in medical
  9. @Medschool_essay: Those not in med school yet can get tips about applying from this feed.
  10. @MedicalSchool: The Medical College of Wisconsin will keep you updated about important medical research and more through their Twitter profile.
  11. @WUSTLmedschool: Check out this feed to read news and updates from the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis.

Medical Centers

Learn what these medical centers are up to through the updates in their feeds.

  1. @DMC_Heals: Read this feed to learn more about this medical center, and others, in the Detroit area.
  2. @SartoriWorldMed: Based
    in San Diego, this company’s feed displays their latest news with much
    of it focusing on medical tourism and international care.
  3. @OSUMC: The Ohio State University Medical Center offers links to work being done at their facility and others around the nation.
  4. @PhysRelations: This
    feed will help you learn more about the cancer treatment being doled
    out by this organization and ongoing research projects.
  5. @Aurora_Health: Here you can learn about this non-profit health care facility and its latest health initiatives.
  6. @HenryFordNews: Read this feed to learn more about the research and care being given by this Michigan facility.


Stay informed about what is going on in the medical profession with these organization-run feeds for doctors of all kinds.

  1. @CCMedEd: Read news from the NIH Clinical Center’s Office of Clinical Research Training and Medical Education here.
  2. @NIHforHealth: Check out this feed for updates from the government’s medical research agency.
  3. @AmerMedicalAssn: This large association’s feed is a great place to find tweets on AMA issues and get your questions answered.
  4. @Pediatricians: If you plan on going to pediatrics, follow this national association’s feed.
  5. @MedicalConnect: Read about the Worldwide Medical Association’s news as well as more general news here.


These feeds focus on a particular medical specialty which can be
particularly useful for those hoping to learn from or enter one

  1. @cardiologyround: This
    feed offers cardiology students a chance to meet and network with other
    cardiologists– or at least find out where to do it.
  2. @HospitalPharmD: Read through this feed for posts from a Doctor of Pharmacy.
  3. @PediatricHeart: Check out this feed for posts from Russell J. Schiff, a Pediatric Cardiologist at Winthrop University Hospital in New York.
  4. @MedscapePeds: Here you can read the latest news and discoveries in pediatrics.
  5. @PulmonaryReview: This feed addresses some of the latest trends and innovations in pulmonary and critical care medicine.
  6. @PharmaInsider: If you want a straight take on the pharmaceuticals industry, read the posts in this feed.
  7. @HemOncToday: This feed offers news and views in the fields of hematology and oncology.


You don’t have to subscribe to every medical journal out there to
get an idea of what kind of issues they’re focusing on with these feeds
from major publications.

  1. @thenewphysican: This
    feed is a no-brainer to follow as it’s the counterpart to the magazine
    of the same name for medical students published by the AMSA.
  2. @DoctorsDigest: Read through this feed to get some insights into both the practice of medicine and the business of it.
  3. @physicanFuture: Check out this feed for physician discussions, links to career help, and healthcare news.
  4. @FMJournal: Functional Medicine Journal’s feed contains the latest news, research, reviews, training, education, and testing
  5. @NatureMedicine: This biomedical research journal’s feed publishes tweets about the latest research findings.
  6. @CMRO_Journal: If you want to keep up with new findings in the medical profession, this journal, and it’s feed can help you more easily do so.
  7. @DrGwenn: This feed is maintained by the founder and editor of Pediatrics Now.
  8. @amednews: Follow this feed to get updates about American Medical News; the nation’s leading newspaper for physicians.
  9. @CardiologyToday: Learn more about the field of cardiology from this publication’s feed.
  10. @NeurologyNow: If you need to keep up with neurology, and the newest findings, follow this publication’s feed.
  11. @NeurologyToday: This feed is the counterpart to the specialty publication of the same name and posts news about research in the field.


These feeds will educate you on everything from new medical book releases to jobs in the medical field.

  1. @medical_book: Get updates on the latest medical books that have been released with the help of this feed.
  2. @medicalanswers: This feed posts medical facts that can be startling or just useful in directing your studies.
  3. @druginfo: Read this feed to see what people are saying about the latest pharmaceuticals out there.
  4. @PhilBaumann: This medical professional is all about finding new ways that those in the health care fields can use technology.
  5. @Feel_Good_Now: Get loads of information on health and wellness– and keeping yourself healthy– from this feed.
  6. @jobsmedical: Once you graduate from medical school you’ll be in need of a job and this feed can help you find one.
  7. @BuckmanMedical: This feed, maintained by a recruiting company, will help match you with a job that fits your skills.
  8. @PhysEmp: Check out this feed which is a counterpart to one of the largest and oldest job boards for doctors out there.