100 Blog Posts You Should Read Before Going to Nursing School

Whether you’ve decided to go back to school after working in a hospital or are just coming out of high school and ready to start a career in nursing, you should do a little research beforehand so you know just what you’re getting into. After all, school isn’t cheap and there’s no point in pursuing a career you’re not really interested in. Here are some blog posts that will help you learn more about every step of the way, from applications to finding a job, and give you some insights into what nurses and nursing students alike think about what they do.

The Basics

Learn about the application process, choosing a major and even what schools might best suit your needs from these posts.

  1. Selecting the Right LPN Program: If you’re trying to figure out what LPN program you want to enroll in, read this blog post first.
  2. The Benefits of Online Learning: Learn why online nursing programs may be a great way to work towards your goals from this blogger who has experience firsthand.
  3. Associate Nursing Degrees A Good Start to Your Nursing Career: Those who aren’t quite ready to commit to four or more years of nursing school can find out the advantages of an associate’s degree here.
  4. What You Need to Know About Online Nursing Degrees: Check out this post to learn more about what it means to take nursing courses online.
  5. 7 Things to Know About Choosing a Nursing School: Before you choose what school to attend give this blog posting a read with some compelling things to consider.
  6. Is Your Nursing School Making the Grade?: This posting highlights some of the issues with taking courses online. Before you sign up, make sure your courses will be as advertised and transferable.
  7. Picking Out the Best Nursing School: Get a better idea as to what makes a nursing school great or just mediocre from this post.
  8. Online Nursing Schools: The Alternative To On-Campus Education: If you’re considering taking courses online for your nursing degree read this post to find out what it may have to offer you.
  9. What Accelerated Nursing Programs Gets You: Looking to get done with your degree as fast as possible? Learn about accelerated programs here.
  10. Starting on the Path to Becoming a Nurse: Pay a visit to this blog to learn what the first steps you need to take are if you truly want to become a nurse.
  11. Get Admitted – Tips For Applying to Nursing School: Make sure that your application process is a successful one by reading through this post.
  12. Easy Steps to Applying to Nursing School: Learn the basic steps you’ll need to take to apply to nursing school from researching to sending in your transcripts.
  13. 5 Steps to Becoming a Nurse: Want to become a nurse? This posting will help you learn what it takes to get started and get you on the path to success.

Financing School

Paying for school isn’t easy, but these posts can help guide your financial decisions when it comes to nursing school.

  1. Funding Your Nursing Degree: This posting will help you figure out what your expenses in nursing school will be and how you can pay for them.
  2. Searching for Nursing School Scholarships: if you’re not sure where to start looking for scholarships to help you pay your way, this post can point you in the right direction.
  3. Financing Options for Nursing School Students: Learn about the myriad of different ways you can pay for your nursing school education on this blog.
  4. How to Find Scholarships to Help You with Nursing School: Check out this helpful post to learn about the best methods of finding nursing school scholarships.
  5. Nursing School Tuition at an All-Time High: While nursing might be an in-demand career, this blog explains how at some colleges tuition is rising to record levels.
  6. Finance Your Education with Nursing School Loans: Learn what loans can do for you when it comes to paying for that nursing education.
  7. Nursing Scholarships and Grants for Students: Through this posting you can learn more about the types of resources out there for nursing students who need financial assistance
  8. Welcome to School. Gimme Your Wallet: This posting laments the high cost of education but offers some people who can be invaluable resources in helping you pay your way.
  9. Can I Pay My Visa with My MasterCard?: Read this posting from a current nursing student who discusses the real costs of nursing school.
  10. The Best Ways of Paying for Nursing School: Check out this blog to learn more about how you can pay for school and how you may be able to save yourself from huge student loans.

Getting Through School

Get a better idea of what going to nursing school will actually be like from these posts.

  1. Confidence in Nursing School: Here you can gain some insight into how you gain confidence throughout your experience in nursing school.
  2. Surviving Nursing School: Your First Patient: Many nursing students are both excited and terrified of working with their first patient. This posting details one student’s less than usual experience.
  3. What I Learning in Nursing School: Get some no-nonsense lessons on what nursing school teaches you outside of the books from this posting.
  4. Surviving Nursing School: This blog gives nursing students some hope about making it through nursing school.
  5. The Road to Becoming a Nurse is not Easy: If there was any doubt in your mind that becoming a nurse would be a piece of cake, this blog will dispel it.
  6. Web 2.0 increasingly included in medical, nursing curriculum: Learn why you may want to include technology on your list of things to learn more about before you head to nursing school.
  7. Nursing School – Surviving the First Year: Here you’ll find some advice, encouragement and a reality check from a working nurse on getting through nursing school.
  8. Advice on How to Succeed in Nursing School: Don’t just muddle through, learn how to succeed with some advice from this blog.
  9. Student Nursing Tips – What They Don’t Teach You in Nursing School: Find out some of the lessons you may have to learn on the job rather than in the classroom from this blog.
  10. Is Nursing School Hard?: Learn about the basics of nursing school and what it will require from this posting.
  11. How Hard Is It to Work and Attend Nursing School?: Are you planning on keeping your job when you head back to school? Read this post and comments to see how doable it is.
  12. Things Every Nursing Student Should Have Even Through Grad School: Part I: Learn some of the essentials you’ll want to have as a nursing student that you may not even realize you need.

Finding a Job

Read these posts to learn what you can expect once you graduate from nursing school and are looking for a job.

  1. The Nursing Shortage is Not Over: While many new grads may be having a hard time finding a job, this post explains why the nursing shortage isn’t quite over yet.
  2. A Number of Trade Markets for New Grads: Learn where working as a nurse may fit in a job market that’s highly competitive.
  3. Working as a Nursing Assistant Can Lead to a Career in as a Nurse: Even before you get your nursing license you may be able to work your way into the field as a nursing assistant. Learn more from this blog.
  4. Become a Nurse First Year on the Nursing Job: How can you avoid the high turnover rate that many nursing jobs have? This blog post offers some advice.
  5. Nursing School Grads Need To Be Job Search Savvy: Get some tips on how you can make the most of your post-school job search here and ensure you get the jobs you want after graduation.
  6. NY Offers Incentives for Nursing Careers: This post details NY programs that can offer big benefits to those pursuing a nursing career. See if there’s something similar in your area.
  7. Nursing School Grads See Opportunities Shrink: Read this post to learn how many new nursing grads are struggling to find employment after graduation.
  8. How Nursing Shortages are Influencing Medical Career Choices and Training: Nursing shortages are affecting all aspects of medical care, as this article explains.
  9. Alternative Placement: This post addresses the conflict between the nursing shortage and the lack of jobs for new grads.
  10. Taking a Nursing Job Outside of Your Community: Learn why it could be advantageous to look for work outside of your immediate community from this posting.
  11. How to Land a Nursing Job Abroad: Home isn’t the only place you can look for a nursing job. Here you can learn about getting work overseas.
  12. Job Opportunities Abound with Nursing Degree: This post takes an optimistic approach and predicts good returns for those getting a nursing degree.
  13. Recession Busting Job Tips: 3 Job Search Strategies For Today’s Economy: Learn how to battle the poor job market today and in the next few years with tips from this blog.

Careers in Nursing

Not sure what kind of nurse you want to be? Want to know more about working as a nurse is like? These posts can help educate you.

  1. Nursing- A Rewarding Career: Learn why a job in nursing could be the right choice for a long and happy career.
  2. LPN – A Career as a Practical Nurse: Check out this post to learn more about what it means to be an LPN and what you’ll do on the job.
  3. How to Become a Nurse Practitioner: Does nurse practitioner sound like something you’d be interested in becoming? This post can help you learn more about this career path.
  4. LPN to RN Options to Consider: Those looking to make the move from LPN to RN can get some advice on their options from this post.
  5. The Skills Needed to Have a Successful Nursing Career: Learn what factors can help make or break your nursing career here.
  6. The Perks of Travel Nursing: Travel nursing is a popular choice for many new grads. Learn more about it here.
  7. The Rewards and Challenges of PICU Nursing: Read through this posting to learn about some of the best and hardest things about working in pediatric intensive care.
  8. Nursing: From A to Z, You Can Find a Specialty: Learn the basics of nursing and some of the wide variety of specialties out there as well.
  9. Nursing Careers – Four Desirable Nursing Positions For Advanced Practice: While you may just be starting out in your career, it’s important to have a goal in mind. This post can give you some careers to aspire to.
  10. A Variety of Nursing Careers in the Medical Field: Check out this post to find out more about the numerous ways you can use your nursing training.
  11. Nurse Practitioners in Critical Care: Read through this post to learn more about the role of nurse practitioners who are working in critical care wards and facilities.
  12. Know the Different Types of Nursing Careers: There are a lot of different career options for nurses out there and this blog can help you learn more about them.
  13. What It’s Like to Be a Correctional Nurse: Ever thought of becoming a nurse in a jail or correctional facility? This post can offer some insight into what it’s like.
  14. Cruise Ship Nursing and More: 5 Fun Twists on a Nursing Career: Wanna use your nursing skills and have fun while doing it? Here you’ll find a few suggestions for nursing careers that are less than usual.

The Working World

Learn what it’s like to work as a nurse from these posts.

  1. New Nurses Face Reality Shock in Hospital Settings: Think your nursing training has prepared you for your career? This post explains why there may be a period of adjustment you may not see coming.
  2. Your Nurses are Worried. Are You?: With nursing shortages all over the country is the quality of care going down? Some nurses think so. This post will help you learn more about the situation.
  3. Art Making and Nursing Competence: Learn how the skills you acquire while working as a nurse can translate into other areas of your life.
  4. What Makes a Good Nurse?: Find out more about what separates a so-so nurse from on that’s really great at his or her job in this posting.
  5. A Day in the Life of a Nurse: Check out this blog post to learn what a nurse does on an average day, covering a variety of different departments and settings.
  6. Things Nurses Really Do: Learn why nurses are never “just a nurse” from this post that highlights the many things nurses add to healthcare.
  7. Why Nurse Stereotypes are Bad for Health: There are a lot of negative or confusing stereotypes about nurses out there. Learn how they may actually be affecting quality of care from this NY Times post.
  8. What Do Nurses DO?: Get a great summary of a longer article on what being a nurse is all about in a nutshell on this blog.
  9. What Does it Take to Be a Really Good Nurse?: This post addresses what nurses do and how important listening and caring for patients is, sometimes just as much as medical knowledge and training.


Before and during nursing school you’ll need to take some pretty important tests. These posts can help you learn what to expect and how to prepare.

  1. Ten Tips to Studying for the NCLEX Exam: Get some tips on studying for the biggest test of your nursing career for this posting.
  2. CLEP Exams Can Often Help Expedite Your Nursing Career: No idea what CLEP exams are? Learn more about them here.
  3. NCLEX Study Material Piling Up, Where to Start?: Read this post from a current nursing student overwhelmed by studying and looking for advice on how to start. You can use her experience to your advantage when it comes time to study for your own test.
  4. Nursing Board 2009 Top Performing Schools and Nursing Students: See where the best of the best fall across the nation from this post.
  5. How Many Months Should I Study For My Nclex-rn?: Not sure how much time you should allot for studying in your career plan over the next few years? This posting can help you.
  6. Nursing Education: Passing the NCLEX: You don’t want to fail the NCLEX, so learn what you can do to ensure you get it right the first time.
  7. Who Writes the NCLEX?: Get a little background on the test you’ll be taking from this informative post.
  8. The NET, the HESI and the TEAS: For many schools you may need to take a test to even get accepted to a nursing program. This post can help you learn a little bit about these entrance exams.
  9. Pass Your Nursing Boards: Get some helpful advice on passing your nursing boards with flying colors on this site.
  10. What Every Graduate Nurse Needs to Know About State Boards: Learn some important information about state boards from this post.

Nursing Inspiration

Read these posts to give you some motivation on becoming a nurse–an often highly rewarding career.

  1. Nurse Serves Two Worlds in Guam: Read about this nurse who is taking on numerous challenges to serve her community and be a great nurse.
  2. Cancer Nurse Brings “Small Town Feel” to Large Academic Medical Center: Learn what a difference one nurse is making and get some insights on your own desire to make a difference in patient lives.
  3. NICU Baby Grows Up to Be NICU Nurse: Is there something in your life that’s driving you to become a nurse? Read about this woman’s journey from preemie to nurse in this post.
  4. The Nursing Inspiration Project: While not just one single post, this blog is home to numerous stories that will inspire and reaffirm your desire to become a nurse.
  5. Stories of Nursing Inspiration: Check out this post for two inspiring stories of care, great nursing and true happiness.
  6. Top 5 Most Famous Nurses Ever: Here you’ll find a list of some of the most inspirational and famous nurses in history.
  7. A World Without Nurses: Watch the video on this blog to get a glimpse of just how important nurses really are to the health care system.
  8. After Cancer, Gratitude for Simple Pleasures: Think patients aren’t grateful for the care nurses provide? This thank you from a former cancer patient proves otherwise.
  9. Inspiring Greatness in Yourself and Others: This blog post by Desi Williamson shares his experience in recovery, and give insights into how you can serve as an inspiration and motivation for yourself and your patients.
  10. Inspiration: Best Nursing Stories: Often people will ask why you want to be a nurse, even nurses themselves, as it can be an unforgiving profession. Here you’ll find stories about the reasons that nurses keep going and why many love their jobs.

Nursing Challenges

Of course, like any career, nursing has its challenges as well. Read these posts to get a fair and balanced view of what being a nurse is like.

  1. Mistakes: Even the most careful nurses out there sometimes make mistakes. This blog from Mediblogopathy shares some of the blogger’s mistakes and help you learn to deal with and avoid your own.
  2. A Nurse’s Very Bad Day: Read through this posting from oncology nurse Theresa Brown to hear what a bad day in a cancer ward is really like.
  3. Sinking: This blog will give you a taste of what it’s like to have a busy, overwhelming day as a nurse.
  4. It Was a Bad Day the Other Day: This nurse details the helplessness she felt caring for a patient in this posting.
  5. 5 Most Stressful Periods in a Nurses Career: Learn what parts of your career as a nurse will likely be the most trying on your patience and your sanity from this blog.
  6. Nursing Sucks! Or Does It?: This post looks at both the negative and positive aspects of nursing.
  7. The Worst Day Ever: See how low you could go on your worst day, by sharing the experiences of this nurse’s horrible day.
  8. First Bad Error: What It’s Like: Inevitably as humans we make mistakes. Get some insight into what it’s like to make a big gaff on the job from this experienced nurse blogger.
  9. Nurse Whistle-Blowers Pay Heavy Price For Doing the Right Thing: Sometimes doing the right thing doesn’t pay off, as this posting explains.