100 Best Health Care Policy Blogs

Whether you want to participate in the debate over universal health care or unfair health insurance policies and workers’ comp, or if you you’d just like to learn more about the issues and legislation that affect the cost and quality of the health care your family receives, you’ve probably tried turning to the Internet for help. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming to track down the exact kind of information you need without getting distracted, frustrated or even just lost. If you need a little more direction to help you with your search, check out our list of 100 of the best health care policy blogs online, where you can read up on public health, geriatric care, disease management, politics and legislation, and even the business of health care and pharmaceuticals.


Here you’ll find information about vaccines, medical marketing and other issues that surround pediatric care and policy.

  1. Healthy Kids: Learn about free screenings, medical marketing, and other pediatric news here.
  2. Dr. Tapas’ Pediatric Blog: In addition to helping parents understand their children’s symptoms and diseases, this blog “also discuss[es] issues surrounding pediatrics in an effort to aid parents in understanding how these issues will affect their children.”
  3. Dr. Gwenn is In: Dr. Gwenn is a pediatrician who blogs about everything from recalls to medical community news to childhood obesity to women’s health.
  4. Vaccine Awakening: Learn all about childhood vaccines, vaccine risks and the government’s role in enforcing vaccines.
  5. Saying No to Vaccines: This anti-vaccination blog reveals risks associated with vaccines and reports on lawsuits and court cases dealing with vaccines.


Learn more about the ethics codes in hospitals and in the greater health care industry here.

  1. Healthcare Blogger Code of Ethics: This is the website that evaluates medical blogs online.
  2. Medical Ethics: Stuart Laidlaw of the Toronto Star writes posts like “Who gets treatment?” and “Access to health care.”
  3. Bioethics Discussion Blog: Learn about and participate in the bioethics debate here.
  4. Health Care Organizational Ethics: This blog considers “the ethics of health care organizations and the wider health system.”
  5. Global Bioethics Blog: This blog reports on bioethics and medical research ethics around the world.
  6. Health Care Renewal: This blog tries to hold accountable those who abuse the health care system.

Senior Care and Life Care

For information about geriatrics, Medicare, assisted living, disease management and chronic illnesses and the policies and laws they influence, turn to this list.

  1. Disease Management Care Blog: Get news, stats, research finds and analysis of health issues like primary care, pay for performance, disease management, and health insurance.
  2. The Senior Care Market: After browsing posts in this blog, consider how the booming senior care business impacts health policy.
  3. Senior Care Notes: Learn about the business of the senior care industry here.
  4. The Geriatrics Blog: Modern Medicine’s Geriatrics page covers everything from the future of the niche industry to specific diseases to long-term care investments.
  5. The Geriatric Patient: Elderly patients can turn to this site to learn more about the issues affecting their care.
  6. Quality of Life Care: Learn about end-of-life care, life care resources and trends for baby boomers and more.
  7. Pallimed: Read all about hospice care and palliative medicine on this blog, which also covers topics in health care ethics, coverage and policy.
  8. Alliance for Aging Research Blog: Learn about new studies, cures, drugs and policies affecting geriatrics medical research.
  9. SeniorCareMarketer.com: Recent posts in this blog include “Marketing to Boomers: Don’t Stereotype” and “New Report: Trends and Best Practices for Marketing to the Senior Care Industry.”

Politics, Legislation and Law

This list contains blogs all about health care laws and how they fit into the political system.

  1. Health Care Law Blog: Read up on health care ethics, legislation, privacy issues, business and more.
  2. Health Beat: Check this blog frequently for great pieces about the inner workings of the health care industry, as well as reports on legislations and issues affecting health care.
  3. HealthBlawg: This health care law blog posts about lawsuits, legislation, managed care, Medicare, and more.
  4. Each Patient Counts: The Massachusetts Medical Society uses this blog as a venue for posting about legislation, Congress’ rulings on health care-related bills and more.
  5. Health Law Prof: Read about health care issues and health law, from consumer behavior to insurance to exams and screenings to politics.
  6. Health Commentary with Dr. Mike Magee: Dr. Mike Magee blogs about research, environmental health, patient advocacy, health care reform and a lot more.

Health Care and Business

Health care policies can be influenced by and can directly affect the business of health care. Learn about new technologies, systems and marketing campaigns in the health care industry here.

  1. Health Business Blog: Read about the pharmaceutical industry, investments in prevention and more.
  2. WSJ Health Blog: The Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog reports on the business of the health care industry, as well as legislations and trends in health care.
  3. Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review: Read posts about federal health care policies and health care consumers, health plans, pharmaceuticals and more.
  4. Health Policy and Communications Blog: This blogger aims to discuss the health care system by analyzing its effect on and response to the economy.
  5. Healthcare Economist: Find out how all health care issues, from maternal health to geriatrics to medical research, affect the economy.
  6. Health Care Policy, Innovation and Renewal: This blog challenges the American health care system to become more efficient and quality-driven, “in an era of globalization, rising free market dynamics” and other changes.
  7. Healthcare Today: Read about consumer culture in the health care system, reimbursement, health care politics, insurance, ethics and other issues surrounding the business of health care.

International Health Care

Find out about what’s being done to improve health care policies in other countries like India, Africa and more.

  1. World Health Care Blog: Recent posts from this blog include “Disease Management’s Ace in the Hole” and “Health Care Challenges in the Post-American World.”
  2. The TIME Global Health Blog: Browse the archives to learn about global health policies, bird flu, TB, malaria, HIV and more.
  3. International HIA Blog: Here, you can get “the latest news and views on Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and discussing policy and practice internationally.”
  4. The International Medical Marketplace: Read this blog to gain insight into how the business of health care around the world affects American health policies, treatments and trends.
  5. Global Health Policy: The Center for Global Development fuels the discussion about global health policies, AIDS and more in this blog.
  6. IH-Blog: APHA’s international health blog writes about population growth, health policies, trade, and “stories from the field.”
  7. Global Health Report: Journalist Christine Gorman explores “what needs to happen next in global health” in her blog.


Sneak a peek into the world of the pharmaceutical industry by reading these blogs.

  1. Hooked: Ethics, Medicine and Pharma: This blog analyzes the medical research and pharmaceutical industries by discussing sponsorship, projects taken on by Congress and more.
  2. Eye on FDA: Find out what the FDA is currently up to when you check out this blog.
  3. Pharma Marketing Blog: Visit this blog for the latest in the business of pharmaceuticals.
  4. Pharma Gossip: Read about drug company alliances, pharma investments and more.
  5. Pharmaceutical Engineering: Recent posts cover FDA probes, the UK pharma industry and growth in the U.S. prescription drug market.
  6. MedAd News: This blog will teach you about the ins and outs of drug marketing.
  7. The Pharmaceutical Marketing Blog: This is “the source for pharma markeing” news and trends.
  8. FDA Law Blog: Learn all about health care law and pharma law as it relates to the FDA here.
  9. Rx Blog: This “drug news and pharmaceutical information blog” can help you better understand how pharmaceuticals play a role in health care policy.
  10. Pharmalot: This blog will help you understand court cases that center around pharmaceutical companies and the FDA.

Free/Affordable/Universal Health Care

Join the debate on universal health care and the health care crisis in America by reading these blogs.

  1. In America, No One Should Go Without Health Care: Get the facts about America’s health care system here, while you watch videos, get news from the AFL-CIO, and learn about health care reform.
  2. We Don’t Need Insurance, We Need Guaranteed Health Care: Learn about which candidates and sponsors support universal health care, read analysis and articles by nurses and other medical professionals, and more.
  3. Health Care for All: The Campaign for America’s Future network publishes posts from various authors who write about health care reform and the American health care industry.
  4. Coverage for All: This site, from the Foundation for Health Coverage Education, shares information about different health coverage programs, news reports about health care policies and insurance, and more.
  5. Common Health: The articles on this blog discuss coverage, cost, health care reform and related topics.

Nursing, Physicians and Hospitals

For insight into how nurses and doctors view health care policies, turn to these blogs.

  1. Hospital Impact: This blogger asks, “what will it take for our hospitals to be the best run organizations on the face of the planet?”
  2. Nick’s Blog: The President and CEO of Windber Research Institute and Windber Medical Center blogs about quality of care, hospital bullies, Medicare and more.
  3. Wachter’s World: Get an inside look at hospitals’ efforts to promote quality, patient safety and efficiency.
  4. Healthcare Collaboration: Read about the campaign to improve doctor-hospital relations here.
  5. Our Own System: This blog considers why the nursing shortage is so dangerous to the health care system.

Official Organizations

Visit the blogs from official health care policy organizations like The Policy Journal of the Health Sphere.

  1. SCOTUS Blog: Keep track of any health care policy cases that make it to the Supreme Court by checking this blog.
  2. Health Affairs: This is the blog for The Policy Journal of the Health Sphere. Recent posts tackle HIV/AIDS outbreaks in India and China, recipients of government health care spending, and the business of health care.


Older patients and those helping to take care of elderly friends and family members can learn about the confusing Medicare and Medicaid policies here.

  1. Piper Report: Learn all about Medicare and Medicaid here.
  2. Medicare News Blog: Read up on Medicare coverage and cases in hospitals and hospice.
  3. Medicare Part D Blog: Find out what drugs are covered and which are not, tips on enrollment, and more.
  4. Florida Medicaid: Subscribe to this feed to get updates and reports about Medicaid.
  5. Hospice Blog: Hospice Blog frequently brings Medicare and Medicaid discussions to the table.

Health Insurance and Coverage

Learn more about the health insurance crisis by reading these blogs.

  1. InsureBlog: Gain insight into the world of health insurance, health savings accounts and more in this blog.
  2. Workers Comp Insider: Learn about the policies, risks and business associated with workers comp by reading this blog.
  3. RiskProf: Get the lowdown on which laws and issues affect health insurance and liability.
  4. Managed Care Matters: Managed Care Matters explores health care policy, insurance trends, medical research and more to make sense of the insurance mess.
  5. Insurance Industry Blog: This is the blog for the Insurance Information Institute, and visitors will learn about health education, technology and other issues that affect insurance.
  6. The New Health Dialogue: This blog tackles health insurance coverage, health care plans, and the quality of health care.
  7. Speaking of Outreach: Learn about dental insurance, health care reform, subsidized heatlh care and other health policy issues here.
  8. Health Insurance Blog: Learn about insurance reform, state legislation, and other health care issues in this blog.
  9. Health Insurance Blog: About.com’s Kelly Montgomery shares her knowledge about navigating health insurance reform, claims disputes, policies, confusing terms and more.
  10. The Coverage Corner: Learn about discounts, local and state campaigns to make health insurance more accessible, and insurance technology.

Sexual Health

From birth control to abortions to AIDS and STDs, sexual health policy is a major issue today.

  1. Sexual Health: Sex Matters: WebMD’s Dr. Louanne Cole Weston answers all kinds of sex questions here.
  2. Men’s Sexual Health Blog: Get reports on research studies, legislation and other sexual health issues for men.
  3. Kinsey Confidential: Learn about sex education programs, sex health policy, pregnancy, contraception and more here.
  4. The Women’s Sexual Health Foundation Blog: Get the lowdown on new sexual health meds, pelvic fitness and more.
  5. Birth Control Buzz: Read about adenomyosis, babies by design, eco-friendly birth control and more topics about birth control.
  6. Birth Control Watch: This pro-choice blog tracks legislation, campaigns, and news about all types of birth control.
  7. National Abortion Federation Blog: Learn about lawsuits, abortion cases and state and federal legislation about abortion on this blog.

Public Health

These blogs feature articles about everything dealing with public health, including the FDA and the tobacco industry.

  1. Dr. Buttery’s Public Health Blog: Recent posts cover the FDA, chronic diseases, health insurance and sex education.
  2. Genetics and Health: Learn more about genetics and diseases here.
  3. Health Mongers: This student-led blog tackles topics like research, public health reform, and more.
  4. The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary: Learn all about the tobacco industry and how it relates to public health.
  5. Stayin’ Alive: Join in the “discussion of public health and health care policy, from a public health perspective” by reading, commenting and writing to Congress, as the blog encourages.
  6. Impact Analysis: Read analysis about environmental health here.
  7. U.S. Food Policy: Understand how organic living, the economy and U.S. food policies also affect public health.

General Health Policy and Reform

Discover what these bloggers are doing to improve the health care industry.

  1. Health Wonk Review: Visit this site to get summaries and analyses of stories posted on all the other health care policy blogs.
  2. DB’s Medical Rants: Read this professional’s rants and reviews of the health care system.
  3. Retired Doc’s Thoughts: This retired medical professional shares his thoughts and insight on health policy, government interference, pharmaceuticals and more.
  4. Let’s Talk Health Care: This online community is run by Charlie Baker, President and CEO of Harvard Pilgrim. In his blog, Baker discusses health care quality, cost effectiveness, reform, coverage, alternative medicine and Medicare.
  5. Change Now 4 Health: This network encourages readers and members to “help fix the health care system” through innovation.
  6. Future Healthcare: To get the most out of this website, choose a focus area like patient safety, future surgery, IT security or supply chain management.
  7. PHMI Blog: Partners Harvard Medical International’s blog covers all kinds of health news and policy updates.
  8. The Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog: Katz, a former president of the National Association of Health Underwriters and the California Association of Health Underwriters blogs about health care reform.
  9. AFL-CIO NOW Blog: This blog often covers public health issues and health care reform.