100 Best Blogs for Nursing Students

No doubt about it, getting through nursing school can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to balance work, school and family life all at once. However, nursing students can find support in their fellow students, graduates of nursing programs and a myriad of professional and medical blogs. Check out this list we’ve put together of sites that are meant to inspire, motivate and educate nursing students in school and beyond.


These blogs can be a great place to look for general news and views on nursing and healthcare professions.

  1. Nurse Ratched’s Place: Check out this blog for humorous commentary, insights into what makes a good nurse, and tales of the daily trials and tribulations that you might face as you go into the medical field.
  2. Health and Nursing Issues Australia: You may not be starting a nursing career in Australia, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some relevant and helpful information in this health care blog.
  3. ImpactedEDNurse: Ian Miller is a nurse working in an Australian emergency room and his blog offers insights, articles and personal reflections on his experiences.
  4. NurseZone: You can start your own blog on this site or read one of the numerous nurse blogs it’s home to.
  5. HealthcarePOV: Here you’ll find blog posts that answer questions, give advice and share opinions about the latest going ons in the nursing field.
  6. In Our Own Words: This blog focuses on highlighting nurses who have blogs, discussing issues of technology in healthcare and sharing interesting and important articles for nurses.
  7. NurseReview.org: While this site was created with Philippine nurses in mind, it contains information on topics like passing nursing exams that can be helpful for nurses around the world.
  8. Ultimate Nurse.com: Ultimate Nurse is home to numerous nursing blogs that can be a great place to find the latest news and views on the nursing community.
  9. Nursing Scrubs: You can buy fun and functional new nursing scrubs on this site or check out the blog for updates on news in the nursing world.
  10. Evidence Based Nursing: St. Joseph Hospital in California maintains this blog which details the research they’re undertaking so you can stay ahead of the curve.
  11. NurseConnect: This site features a collection of blogs from nursing professionals that will give you numerous perspectives on what it’s really like being a nurse.
  12. RNSpeak!: On this site you’ll find posts that range from literature reviews to advice for new nursing graduates.
  13. Online Nursing: Get the latest updates on news on nursing from this blog.

Student Nurses

Read about the trials and tribulations of your fellow nursing students in these insightful and sometimes humorous blogs.

  1. YKYW – Nursing Student Blog: This nursing student blogs about her crazy life as she works her way slowly towards becoming a nurse.
  2. Head Nurse: This blog isn’t written by a nursing student but offers loads of helpful advice and guidance for those who are in nursing school to make clinicals, exams and everyday life easier.
  3. Becoming a Nurse: Check out this blog to read about the story of one woman who decided to change careers from working in IT to working as a nurse.
  4. Life of a Male Nursing Student: You male nurses aren’t alone out there as this blog of a male nursing student demonstrates. You’ll find posts that document his experiences with everything from buying books and paying tuition to preparing for school.
  5. RN Someday: Check out this blog to read about the day to day life of a student who has gone back to school to change careers and become an RN.
  6. Wounded Healer: This blog is home to yet another nursing student who’s making the transition from being a computer geek to working with patients. It includes some humorous and fun posts and vlogs.
  7. I Am a Student Nurse Blog: Follow along as this young nursing student goes through year-by-year to get his nursing degree.
  8. REBIRTH: Those interested in obstetrics will appreciate this blog. It’s written by a woman who works in labor and delivery ward and is currently working towards getting certification in nurse midwifery.
  9. N is for… Nurse (someday): Give this blog a read to find interesting and sometimes entertaining stories about this blogger’s path to becoming a labor and delivery nurse.
  10. Student Nurses’ Notes: Check out this site to find interesting articles like “5 Ways to Reduce Nursing Stress” and “Stopping Insomnia”.
  11. From Cash Flow to Catheters: Healthcare POV hosts this blog by William Keane, a former e-commerce businessman who is working towards becoming an RN.
  12. Diary of a Nursing Student: This nursing student posts interesting stories about her nursing school career that are meant to inspire and motivate others in the field.
  13. UK Student Nurse: Take a hop across the pond and read about what it’s like being a nursing student in the UK in this blog.
  14. How I Spent My Nursing Education: Here you’ll find random facts, personal commentary and shared experiences about nursing school and life in general.
  15. Brain Scramble: As this nursing student nears completion on her degree, read about her experiences good and bad with nursing school.

Practicing Nurses

Get an idea of what being a nurse will really be like in these great blogs.

  1. code blog: tales of a nurse: This blog is home to health care stories from the main blogger as well as nurses working all over the nation.
  2. about a nurse: Check out this nurse’s blog for stories straight from a medical-surgical telemetry unit.
  3. PixelRN: Blogger and nurse Beth Anderson discusses issues on what nursing really is and provides some advice and assistance to other nurses who’d like to start blogging.
  4. A Place I Call Home: Follow the adventures of a big city nurse who has chosen to work in a small town through the posts in this blog.
  5. Chrysalis Angel: Read commentary on modern issues, personal life and nursing on this blog by a former EMT and nurse.
  6. Digital Doorway: Keith, a registered nurse in New England, shares his thoughts on nursing, healthcare, chronic illnesses and much more in this blog.
  7. It shouldn’t happen in health care: Stop by this site for a laugh, as it collects humorous stories from people who work in health care.
  8. First Do No Harm: Keep up with this busy nurse and read her sometimes sad sometimes entertaining stories of patient interactions.
  9. The Nurse Practitioner’s Place: Those thinking of pursuing a career as a nurse practitioner may want to check out this blog for the latest news and information on the field.
  10. talking RN: Read about life in the ICU in the posts provided by this blogger, including everything from organ transplants to dealing with case management.
  11. nurse at small: A nurse at a large teaching hospital maintains this blog and shares her experiences working with patients that are sometimes challenging but always interesting.
  12. Canuck Nurse: This Canadian nurse blogs about everyday life as well as dealing with courses, working and more.
  13. Thoughts from the Night Shift: Check out this blog to learn a little bit more about just what it takes to be an ER trauma nurse.

Specialty Fields

If you’re thinking of going into a nursing specialty, take a look at one of these blogs to learn the ins and outs of what you’ll be doing once you’re employed.

  1. Emergiblog: Here you can find posts that will expose you to the ups and downs of life as an ER nurse.
  2. Crass-Pollination: An ER Blog: This ER nurse loves her job and it shows in the posts about it that are often humorous and upbeat.
  3. Evidence-Based Nursing and Midwifery: Check out this blog for the latest in research and developments in nursing and midwifery.
  4. OncRN: Being an oncology nurse is often a difficult job and this blogger shares both the good and the bad in this blog.
  5. At Your Cervix: Those who are considering a specialization in labor and delivery can learn more about it from this blog, as well as read personal posts about weight loss and family and see photos.
  6. ER RN: Stories in this blog chronicle the funny, scary and hectic stories in the life of one ER nurse.
  7. Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse: If you’re looking for a challenging career in nursing, follow in the footsteps of this nurse and blogger who works in an inner city ER.
  8. School Nurse Jack: This blogger is both a school nurse and a student so you can get advice and information on her experiences in both things and more.
  9. nighttimenursing: Working the night shift isn’t for everyone and you can help determine if it’s for you with some insight from this blog by a night shift critical care nurse.
  10. Rantings of a LTC Nurse: If you think that long term care nursing may be the career for you, give this blog a read for some insider knowledge on the field.
  11. Nurse Anesthetist: Check out this blog for the latest news and views on what’s going on with nurse anesthesiology.
  12. Nurse Sean: This nurse works in the ICU and shares his experiences as well as tips on becoming a better nurse.

Organizations and Associations

These nursing organizations’ blogs can be a great place to get information and assistance on a variety of issues.

  1. Guaranteed Healthcare Blog: This organization wants to help Americans get guaranteed healthcare. You can read about their mission and news about health care on their blog.
  2. The National Nurse: The National Nursing Network Organization handles this blog which can give you the latest updates on what they’re up to and how you can get involved in nursing issues.
  3. CDNA Blog: This blog is home to the Community District Nursing Association, a nursing organization based out of the UK. You’ll find news and updates on their blog.
  4. American Psychiatric Nurses Association: While not an official blog from the APNA, this blog can provide you with some news and information that deals with psychiatric nursing.
  5. ANA Nurse Space: You’ll need a membership with the American Nurses Association to view this blog, but it’s chock full of helpful information on the latest in nursing.

College Student

Some of these blogs are geared specifically at nursing students, while others provide help and support for college students in general.

  1. Nursing School Blog: You’ll find news and information on everything you wanted to know about nursing school on this blog from funding to developments in training.
  2. My Nursing Degree: There’s a serious shortage of nurses nationwide and you can learn how you can be most effective in your nursing career and find a good nursing school through this blog.
  3. Dear Nurses: This blog focuses on providing nurses, students and professionals alike, on ways they can improve their clinical skills, building communication skills and more.
  4. What School Doesn’t Teach About Being a Nurse Practitioner: Find out what your education may not be telling you about the reality of being a nurse practitioner so you’ll know what to expect when you graduate.
  5. The Makings of a Nurse: This student nurse took a long and winding path to a career in nursing but shares her thoughts and ideas on managing it all in her blog.
  6. I Am a Nursing Student: Want to know what to expect through your journey to become a nurse? This blogger will take you through getting a BSN degree and finally passing the exams to become a nurse.
  7. College v2: Stay on the cutting edge of what colleges are up to these days from tips on eBay to whether or not you should take advanced placement courses in high school.
  8. The Positivity Blog: Learn to take even the worst days in stride with some helpful articles and advice that this blog provides to readers.
  9. Today Is That Day: Look on the bright side with some positive thinking and action advice from this blog.


Give these blogs a read to find information about what the daily lives of other medical professionals entail and the health care profession in general.

  1. Blogborygmi: Share the pain of working to become a health care provider through the blog of this emergency medicine resident.
  2. GruntDoc: This emergency care physician in Texas shares his experiences working in the ER and some amusing and interesting commentary on a variety of topics.
  3. The Junior Doctor: Check out this blog for the day to day trials of a doctor in training in the UK.
  4. PharmaGossip: Learn what’s going on in the world of big pharmaceutical companies so you can stay ahead of the curve.
  5. Health 2.0: Stay on the cutting edge of medicine and technology with some help from this blog focused on web-based and futuristic health tools for patients and medical professionals.
  6. The Health Care Blog: Find the latest news on what’s going on in the world of health care at large in this well-written blog.
  7. Doctor Anonymous: If you prefer video blogs to the written kind this blog will cater to your needs. You’ll find frequent posts that comment on the state of medicine and medical practice. Geared more towards doctors, but nurses can find interesting information as well.
  8. Surgeonsblog: This well-written and engaging blog is full of stories from a surgeon’s perspective of his career, patients and goings on through the years.
  9. NHS Blog Doctor: Check out this blog for information and insight into the triumphs and missteps of the British National Health Service.
  10. From Medskool: Medical school isn’t meant to be easy, but you can ride along on this blogger’s journey through it all on this site.

Travel Nursing

Travel nursing is becoming an increasing popular option for new nursing graduates and seasoned professionals alike. Find out what it’s all about in these blogs.

  1. Travel Nurse Aim: This mother and nurse enjoys her career as a travel nurse and can provide you with some helpful and positive advice about the field.
  2. Travel Nursing Blogs: Check out this site to read dozens of blogs written by nurses currently working in the field.
  3. The Travel Nurse: This travel nurse loves her job and shares her experiences traveling and working across the country with her husband.
  4. Travel Nursing News Feed: Find out what is going on in the field of travel nursing by giving this blog a read now and then.
  5. Have RN, Will Travel: Here you’ll find shared experiences, advice, and some humorous commentary on the field of travel nursing.
  6. Highway Hypodermics: Find news and information in this blog that can help you make the leap into a travel nursing career.
  7. I Love Travel Nursing: Check out this blog for everything you’ll need to get started in travel nursing from personal accounts to travel nursing agencies.
  8. Ask Conrad: Have a question about travel nursing? Send it in to this site and get your answers posted in this blog.
  9. Travel Nurse Source: Here you’ll get advice and information on everything from tax break associated with travel nursing to commentary on the nurse shortage.
  10. Try Travel Nursing: This blog is intended to give you some advice on travel nursing. It can also be a good source of information on choosing a specialty within the nursing field.


Give yourself a leg up in finding a job by perusing the job offerings and advice posted on these sites.

  1. The NJO Blog: This blog will tell you how to manage a nursing job when you get one, how to study for exams and the pros and cons you’ll find working as a nurse.
  2. The Nursing Job Bank: Check this blog regularly to get access to postings of nursing jobs all over the country.
  3. Nursing Job a Day: Each day this site posts another nursing job. Browse through them to see if anything suits your experience or location.
  4. Campus RN Job Blog: Campus RN provides loads of resources of nursing students and the blog can be a valuable way to learn about hospitals and potential jobs.
  5. Nursing Job Network: Filipino nurses can find numerous job openings listed on this site.
  6. Nursing Job World: This infrequently posted on blog gives some headlines on what’s going on with careers in the nursing field.


Here are a few other great blogs to help you network, get a laugh, and learn about your profession.

  1. Mediblogopathy: This site is a wonderful place to find blogs on a huge range of medical topics from medical students to registered nursing.
  2. Nursing Assistant Resources On the Web: Those who’ve decided they want to be a nurse’s assistant instead of a nurse or just want to learn more about what the lives of their CNAs are like can check out this helpful blog.
  3. Death Maiden: Dealing with death and dying is one of the hardest things nurses will face. This blog covers one nurse’s personal experiences and thoughts on the matter.
  4. Disappearing John RN: Here you’ll find frequent posts on the nursing profession as well as information about this nurse who lost loads of weight and is on his way to a happier healthier career.
  5. Clinical Cases and Images: This blog is a great place to learn about interesting clinical cases and can be a useful supplement to your own clinical work.
  6. My 2 Cents: Check out this blog from commentary on the ethical, legal and and professional issues that you will face as a nurse.
  7. Medical Jokes, Cartoons and Videos: The stress of nursing school getting you down? Check out this site to find some medically themed humor and laughs to get you through the day.