Benefits of Double Majoring

Having trouble deciding on a major? Is one not enough? Then perhaps you should consider double majoring. Not many students have the foresight or work ethic to complete two degrees. For most, completing one degree is difficult enough. It takes an exceptional student to meet the challenges presented by two disciplines. But if you pursue them in the right way, you’ll find that more doors will open intellectually and professionally.

A double major can make you more marketable to employers after graduation. It shows that you value education and you’re willing to undertake difficult tasks. You’ll always be learning on the job – no matter the field – so gaining a capacity to understand complicated subjects is useful in your career. If your two majors complement each other, it can give you the skills you need to accomplish a variety of challenges. For example, a student majoring in public relations might also consider majoring in business management. Public relations practitioners often take businesses as their clients, and it helps to know the specifics of their day-to-day operations. Many simply opt to run their own businesses. Similarly, a degree in political science and public relations is useful for a student who wants to get involved in politics, a field where image is everything. When they apply for jobs after graduation, they’ll be more marketable than their peers with just public relations or political science degrees.

Of course, completing two majors in a timely manner takes a commitment to education. Much of your free time will be spent studying and completing extra class assignments. Many of your electives have to be given up, meaning you probably won’t be able to take fun classes in different subjects. A slate of classes filled with the same two subjects could become boring after awhile. You must also consider the cost of taking extra classes. You’ll be taking more than 120 hours during your college career, so that means you’ll need an additional semester or two of classes. At an average public school, that results in more than $14,000 in expenses. In most cases, successful double majors knew what to expect beforehand. If you’re striving toward a career goal or simply love to learn, the sacrifices are worth it.