50 Blogs You Should Bookmark for Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month, a time set aside to learn about the condition of autism. In this month, those affected by autism, including health professionals, teachers, parents, and autistic children and adults themselves share their experiences with autism. Read these blogs to learn more about autism from the inside.

  1. Autism Blogger: Autism Blogger offers an online autism support group. (Recommended Post: Toys for Autistic Children)
  2. Special Education Law Blog: Check out this blog to find out about laws for special education, including autism. (Recommended Post: What’s in Label?)
  3. Autism Speaks Official Blog: Autism Speaks offers resources and news for autism on this blog. (Recommended Post: I am Just One Person, What Can I Really Do?)
  4. Normal is Overrated: Normal is Overrated shares musings and meanderings on the autistic spectrum. (Recommended Post: An Autistic Speaks about Autism Speaks)
  5. I Speak of Dreams: I Speak of Dreams covers effective parenting and education for students with learning disabilities. (Recommended Post: Vaccines and Fetal Cell Lines)
  6. Dr. Chris’ Autism Journal: Dr. Chris shares thoughts, commentary, and analysis for autism computer-assisted instruction. (Recommended Post: Summer Programs)
  7. Autismblog: Risa blogs about the life of a family raising a child with autism. (Recommended Post: Legoland Rocks!)
  8. ThAutcast: ThAutcast is a blogazine for the Aspergers and Autism community. (Recommended Post: 14 Year Old Writes Book: How to Talk to an Autistic Kid)
  9. Curing Autism Blog: Phyllis Wheeler is a mom writing about curing autism. (Recommended Post: Autism Symptoms & Music-5 Ways Music Can Make a Difference with Autism)
  10. Autism Classroom: This classroom is a place for teachers to learn about autism. (Recommended Post: Free Teaching Materials)
  11. Countering…: Read this blog to find counters to autism misinformation. (Recommended Post: Supporting Autistics, Whoever They Are, Wherever They Are)
  12. Autism Blog: Julie L. discusses Autism Spectrum disorder and related educational topics on this blog. (Recommended Post: Autism and Parental Grief)
  13. The Autism Education Site: Visit the Autism Education blog to find news, schools, camps, and more. (Recommended Post: 20 iPad Apps for Kids with Autism)
  14. ASCONN Autism Blog: ASCONN blogs about supporting the autism community. (Recommended Post: Welcome to Autism Awareness Month)
  15. Interverbal: Interverbal has reviews of autism statements and research. (Recommended Post: Skeptic’s Circle)
  16. Joy’s Autism Blog: Joy journals about her family’s experience with autism. (Recommended Post: The Luckiest Mom in the World)
  17. Raynelson’s Autism Blog: Read about autism service dogs and more on this blog. (Recommended Post: Early Intervention)
  18. Autism, Asperger’s and More, Oh My!: Read about experience in autism, Asperger’s, and more on this blog. (Recommended Post: The Next Generation)
  19. Just the Vax: Visit Just the Vax to learn about science-based vaccine information. (Recommended Post: 20 Monkeys)
  20. Autism News: Autism News shares the latest news, headlines, and discussions on autism. (Recommended Post: Parents of Autistic Children Struggle Alone)
  21. I’m Somewhere Else: This college blogger wants to work with others with ASD or other intellectual disabilities. (Recommended Post: They hate you. Yes, you.)
  22. Paula C. Durbin-Westby Autistic Advocacy Blog: Paula C. Durbin shares her writings and presentations on her autism advocacy work here. (Recommended Post: Partners in Policymaking)
  23. Adventures in Autism: Read Adventures in Autism to explore news and commentary on the autism epidemic from the inside. (Recommended Post: Beginning at the Beginning)
  24. Autistic Adults: Autistic Persons is a place where parents of autistic adults can share their experiences. (Recommended Post: A New Care Provider)
  25. Whitterer on Autism: Whitterer is a parent to four children, two with autism. (Recommended Post: My Child Has Autism, Now What?)
  26. Left Brain Right Brain: Read Left Brain Right Brain for autism news, science, and opinion. (Recommended Post: An open letter to Jim Carrey)
  27. Turning Pointe: Turning Pointe’s blog discusses autism lifestyle development and education. (Recommended Post: Demonstration School Opening January 18th)
  28. Estee Klar: Estee Clar’s blog explores the joy of autism. (Recommended Post: Farewell; A New Beginning)
  29. Parent Autism Blog: Autism Epicenter offers awareness, education, and love for parents of autistic children. (Recommended Post: Autism Apps That Will Help You)
  30. The World of Mismatched Socks: Jenny discusses her life with mild autism on this blog. (Recommended Post: Anti-bullying)
  31. Age of Autism: Age of Autism is a daily web newspaper on the autism epidemic. (Recommended Post: New Study Shows Vaccines Cause Brain Changes Found in Autism)
  32. Real Autism Solutions: Kendra and Krista share their solutions for autism. (Recommended Post: Challenging Behavior: The Power of Choices)
  33. Autism from the Lighter Side: Autism from the Lighter Side celebrates difference with humor and hope. (Recommended Post: Going off the diet)
  34. The Tumultuous Truth: The Tumultuous Truth discusses raising a child on the autism spectrum. (Recommended Post: Vaccine Rejectionism Disorder)
  35. The Autism Blog: The Autism Blog has information on autism and autism spectrum disorders. (Recommended Post: Tips for potty training an autistic child)
  36. Easter Seals and Autism: Check out the Easter Seals blog to learn about help for families with autism. (Recommended Post: Stopping the bullies)
  37. Autism in a Word: Find out about this family’s hope for their autistic child. (Recommended Post: Writing dreams)
  38. Acting Balanced:
    Heather’s blog is a personal blog from a never-stay-at-home-mom who
    blogs about autism, special needs, and more. (Recommended Post: Autism Awareness Month)
  39. Autism Spectrum Disorders: Lisa Jo Rudy writes this blog on autism spectrum disorders. (Recommended Post: Do the Amish Vaccinate?)
  40. Carly’s Voice: Carly’s Voice shares her journey with autism on this blog. (Recommended Post: My Journey and Story About My Interviews)
  41. Autism Blogger: Autism Blogger is an autism support group for those affected by autism. (Recommended Post: Toys for autistic children)
  42. Autism is a Trip!: Find out about the adventure of autism on this blog. (Recommended Post: Why I Don’t Hate Autism)
  43. Autistic Speaks: Lydia is an adult with usually-high-functioning autism, and writes about her life on this blog. (Recommended Post: You’re beautiful)
  44. Autism News Beat: Autism News Beat is an evidence-based resource for journalists. (Recommended Post: Vaccine Rejectionism Spectrum Disorder)
  45. The Autistic Me: The Autistic Me writes to understand high functioning autism. (Recommended Post: Autism and Income?)
  46. Another Piece of the Puzzle: Trish’s blog is all about her personal experience with autism. (Recommended Post: Making a Clear Space)
  47. Big Daddy Autism: Big Daddy Autism shares tales from the lighter side of parenting a kid with autism. (Recommended Post: Physical Education)
  48. Journeys with Autism: Journeys with Autism explores ethics, disability rights, and more from the autistic spectrum. (Recommended Post: Grieving the Dream and Living What Is)
  49. Stuart Duncan: Stuart Duncan discusses autism from a father’s point of a view. (Recommended Post: Now I lay me down to rest)
  50. Faces of Autism: Faces of Autism shares profiles of autistic children and adults. (Recommended Post: Beauty & Macho)