Who Inspires You? Tell Timberland Pro Renova and You Could Be A Shoe-in For A Prize

May 22nd, 2012


By , BSN, RN

When I was first starting out as a nurse my mentors and preceptors in the operating room stressed a couple of points over and over. Among those key elements necessary for a long and active nursing career was, “protect your feet and back.”

These were some wise words and wiser folks. These were health care professionals who knew their stuff. I learned nursing lessons, career lessons and life lessons from these seasoned professionals.

Who inspires you? Is there a standout among the healthcare professionals you know? If there is here is a way to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Get some great positive recognition for someone you are inspired by in healthcare and care for those all-important feet at the same time.

Timberland, the makers of fine shoes and boots, also has professional line. The Timberland PRO Renova series is care for the caregiver. Combining anti-fatigue technology with stylish design, it delivers on the healthcare industry's unique needs and helps women stay on their feet all day long. And, they want to give some of these healthcare centric shoes away to a deserving healthcare professional.

Write a very short essay, 250 words or less, about the healthcare provider who inspires you. Tell Timberland Pro Renova about the caregiver who prevails through every tough situation, who wears a smile every day, or is a great team motivator. If your entry is chosen, Renova will outfit your nominee’s ward or wing with up to 15 pairs of “Renova shoes and lunch bags. As the nominator, you too will get some great new professional shoes and a lunch bag.

The contest has already begun and will end on June 23. A panel of judges will pick a grand prize winner(I’m one member of the panel of judges) and that winner, as well as a second place winner, will be announced on July 16.

Go check out the contest rules and start your application at Timberland Pro Renova’s Facebook Page.

What a great way to honor someone you look up to in this industry. Show your appreciation for one of the great nurses you have come across in this profession. Your essay will put into words what you think of this healthcare professional and they will relish you kind words for years to come as they make their rounds in their new shoes.

Some time back I wrote a blog about how nurses need to care for their aching feet. My number one tip was:

  1. Change your shoes. – Clogs are cute and sneakers are safe, but there are dozens of different shoes and styles on the market and not everyone's feet need the same gear. Walking shoes should be replaced every three to six months, and essentially, walking is what you do for your job. Treat your work shoes like the athletic gear they really are. Don't go by appearance. Shoes can still look great on the outside while the inner supports are totally worn out. Best advice: have at least two pairs of work shoes and rotate them. Also, get fitted properly at least once a year. Age, weight, and how much you exercise can all change your foot size and shape. Bad shoes equal bad feet.

Check out the rest of the tips at 5 Cures for A Nurse’s Aching Feet, and while you are giving your dogs a break write an award winning essay.

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