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About Us

About us:

We’ll bet you’ve been a nurse long before anyone gave you a stethoscope. Nursing isn’t a career that ends when you leave your patients, and we know that you need a place to turn to for support and guidance, just as you’re there to help friends and family, too. At RNCentral.com, we’ll help you organize your career path in the health care field, whether you’re new to nursing, want a higher degree with greater job benefits and satisfaction, curious about a new medical specialty, or want to transition into a management or education role within nursing.

Use our site to explore flexible degree programs that allow you to continue to work or care for your family without losing momentum at school. Fast-track programs are available for students ready to start their careers, and graduate programs will train you in exciting specialties and for management work.

From our site, you can research Nursing Schools offering convenient online programs that you can complete from your home. Our Nursing Degrees and Nursing Programs pages direct you to specialty programs, different degree types, and more resources to guide your education and training.

Read informative articles collected in our Library to learn all about the nursing industry, and find healthy living tips and research to share with your patients and use yourself.

Our blog is written by Jennifer Olin, BSN, RN, and covers the evolving trends in nursing, from education to the job market to the future of the field. You can find here on Google+. We’re also on Twitter @RNCentral, so keep checking back to read timely posts about healthcare, the lives of nurses today, and tips for building your nursing career.

About our writer:

AuthorJennifer Olin is our writer for RNCentral.com. Her background is in the perioperative arena as an operating room nurse. As a staff nurse, she was active on her hospital’s Career Ladder, Magnet, and Nursing Research committees. Jennifer has also worked as a travel nurse and has learned from working in various hospitals, from rural to big city, small to enormous, and local to world-renowned. Jennifer came to nursing as a second career after spending 10 years in journalism and now enjoys the marriage of the two careers as a blogger for RNCentral.com.