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RN to BSN Online Nursing Degree from Norwich University

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

The RSN to BSN program was created to assist professional nurses in the planning and providing of health care to groups, individuals, and general populations in collaboration with other health care professionals. This program provides an excellent base for graduate study. It was designed especially for graduates of both the associate degree and diploma nursing programs and allows them to help expand both their educational and professional experience. In addition it helps them to build positive attitudes needed to become successful in nursing. Basics in science and humanities are also covered. Professional growth is the desired outcome, and the facets of both leadership and caring for patients is emphasized. Students must have a “C’ average (or 2.0) in each nurse course before progressing further into the program. This ensures that all students are consistent in their knowledge and skills before moving forward and ultimately graduating. All new students must have proof of current professional nurse licensure and evidence of graduation from either a diploma nursing program or an associate’s nursing program.