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Impaired Verbal Communication

Impaired Verbal Communication

(_)Actual (_) Potential

Related To:
[Check those that apply]
(_) Auditory impairment
(_) Cerebral impairment
(_) Fear/shyness
(_) Lack of privacy
(_) Lack of support system
(_) Language barrier
(_) Laryngeal edema/infection
(_) Neurologic impairment
(_) Oral deformities
(_) Pain
(_) Respiratory impairment
(_) Speech pathology
(_) Surgery
(_) Other:_____________________________


As evidenced by:
[Check those that apply]
Must be present)
(_) Innappropriate or absent speech or response.
May be present)
(_) Stuttering. (_) Slurring.
(_) Problem in finding the correct words when speaking.
(_) Weak or absent voice.
(_) Decreased auditory comprehension.
(_) Deafness or inattention to noises or voices.
(_) Confusion.
(_) Inability to speak the dominant language of culture.


Date &
Plan and Outcome
[Check those that apply]
Nursing Interventions
[Check those that apply]
  The patient will:

(_) Demonstrate improved ability to express self A.E.B.:


(_) Relate findings of decreased frustration and isolation with communication.

(_) Other:

  (_) Assess type of impairment.

(_) Decrease environmental stimuli.

(_) Be cognizant of possible cultural barriers.

(_) Offer alternative forms of communication such as:

  • gestures or actions
  • pictures or drawings
  • magic slate
  • word board
  • flash cards that translate words/phrases

(_) Encourage s/o to participate.

(_) Validate patient's message by repeating aloud.

(_) Use short repetitive directions.

(_) Ask simple yes or no questions.

(_) Speak on an adult level, speaking clearly and slower than normal.

(_) Assess frustration level. Wait 30 seconds before providing patient with word.

(_) Initiate health teaching.

(_) Referrals:

  • Translator
  • Speech Pathologist.
  • Psychiatry
  • Other:


(_) Other:________________



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